First buy ever! (2017)

Like i already wrote in the blog header. I first came in contact with Bitcoin in 2017. I start hearing about it in the news. I live in Europe and more & more people started to talk about it. When i went on vacation in Spain i also was hearing people talking about it over there. When i came home ( end of august 2017) i decided that i was going to buy some bitcoin. I read for 2  days in a row about Bitcoin and the second night i fina

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Kilo Bravo
Kilo Bravo

bitcoin since 2017

Bitcoin, not blockchain!
Bitcoin, not blockchain!

I started my Bitcoin trip in august of 2017. That was the time that everybody (here in europe) started to hear about bitcoin. I remember when i bought my first bitcoin. I felt super excited ans also a bit "criminal". But offcourse there was no reason for that at all. Now 3 years later i am going more and more "down the rabbithole"

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