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Why Bitcoin Slots are That Popular?

By 7bitcasino | Bitcoin Games | 26 Jan 2021

Slots - The most popular casino game

Since casinos appeared many years ago, their genesis was spectacular. To date, we have a wide range of casino game configurations and types. Among them are roulette,  online BTC slots, poker, blackjack, dice, and many other game variations. Slots and Bitcoin slot games are the most popular types of games in both casino types: online and land-based. Their popularity can be explained by the numerous benefits they provide. Let us explain some of them in more detail below.

Why Bitcoin slot games are so popular

Anyone who has ever tried playing at the casino and won can recall that fascinating feeling and high vibes. People play casinos to win and to distract themselves from everyday routine. For some gamblers playing slots is a profession as they consider. One of the most popular types of casino games is slot machines or shortly “slots.”

“Brick and mortar” as they are called frequently or simply land-based casinos were the first gambling establishments that offered slots to the public. There is an interesting fact that the first slot machines were standing in the halls to distract women while their husbands were playing roulette and poker. Times are changing and nowadays traditional slots are replaced with online slots and their popular variation – online BTC slots. Here are the benefits gamblers get when they play crypto slots:

  • Similarities with offline slots. Online BTC slots are working according to the same technologies as traditional online slots. There are many world-known manufacturers of video slots software. They work a lot to make online BTC slots more functional and featured as they gain more and more popularity.
  • Simplicity. Since manufacturers are continuously working on online slots improvement, their configurations allow them to play crypto slots and win easily.
  • Variety. There are plenty of online BTC slots varieties for gamblers of any taste and preference. There are slots with an adventurous plot, historically themed slots, rock-band slots, movie slots, and classical slots. There are even online BTC slots that are designed in a retro-way and look like offline slots.
  • Design. There are many varieties of crypto slots design. Many respected gambling software manufacturers are dedicating many time and resources to create a beautiful design for their slot games.
  • Easy deposit/withdrawal methods. Since Bitcoin was invented and proclaimed as a fast and safe decentralized payment system, it was involved in many industries and business activities very fast. For gambling Bitcoin is irreplaceable as it makes the process of depositing and withdrawal very easy and fast. All you need to do is to create a crypto wallet and register at an online gambling platform.

General slots configuration

Online slots work the same as land-based casino slots. A gambler makes a deposit and after spins reels by pushing a button. The aim is to match the symbols on-screen. Different slots have various amount of pay lines and reels, so it depends on configuration. Classic online slots have three reels, the same as offline slots. There are also five-reel slots, mega spin slots, multipliers, progressive slots, mobile slots, multi-pay line slots, etc.

Online casinos always allow gamblers to try playing slots without depositing in demo mode. Some players like this option as it is fun and some gamblers start depositing and winning after they tried demo mode.


The growing popularity of online BTC slots can be explained by such benefits as a big amount of games, simple and fast depositing and withdrawing, modern design, and simplicity.

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