Best Bitcoin Casino? Which one is it...

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino?

The bitcoin gambling industry is only growing stronger with time, there exists hundreds of crypto casinos that you may come across online, and more are popping every day due to the synergy that exists between cryptocurrencies and online casinos. It is just a matter of time before blockchain technology reaches mass adoption in the online gambling industry.

To name THE best bitcoin casino, would be a very subjective decision, however there are definitely ones who rank on top when it comes to quality, in this post we are going to explore the multiple types of bitcoin casinos that exist in the crypto cyberspace and list the ones we favor based on our analysis:

Hybrid Casinos

A hybrid casino is a platform that takes advantage of both fiat & crypto, since it seems to be targeting both types of players, the traditional online gambler and the cryptocurrency user. These types of casinos are usually the most popular and commercial by default, you will find the largest number of players,, generous bonuses, LOTS of casino games, and usually the jackpot prizes tend to be the biggest. Some even contain a spots betting in addition to a casino section. However Hybrid Casinos tend to be the most regulated, you might face multiple country restrictions, and not all games can be played with crypto since some are fiat specific, furthermore games are usually more expensive to play compared to crypto only casinos. KYC on crypto users is usually never requested unless in very specific cases, however for fiat it is definitely required.

Our picks for the top Hybrid Casinos would be:

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Crypto Only Casinos

A Crypto only casino, is a type of online casino that only deals with cryptocurrencies, they tend to be crypto friendly and allow multiple types of cryptocurrencies deposits, you will find ones that support many Altcoins. These types of casinos are less popular to the mainstream but popular among crypto users, most are small-medium sized with exception of some big players in the industry. The most interesting part regarding these casinos is that most host 100% provably fair games which adds an extra layer of trust by the casino to its players. KYC is usually never requested, user privacy is also more respect if compared with hybrid casinos, they usually have much fewer country restrictions and you might come across a fewer number of games but with the added benefit of most of the games being provably fair. Gambling on such platforms is very cheap with some allowing you to bet starting 1 Satoshi, these types of casinos have been gaining lots of traction throughout the past years, and are usually the most preferred by crypto gamblers.

Our picks for the top Hybrid Casinos would be:

  • Stake
  • Crypto-Games (interface might not be the best, but the platform is run by a well known member in the industry)

You can read the full reviews by visiting

Decentralized Casinos

Decentralized Casinos are the type of casinos that are fully embracing blockchain technology by transforming all of their back end system to run on decentralized networks, which in turns creates a fully transparent environment for crypto gamblers, and eliminates most trust issues between the casino and their users. In terms of usage, even though from a theoretical perspective this type of casino seems to be the most interesting and transparent however it tends to be the least popular, it may be due to the fact that most decentralized casinos are still very new to the gambling industry, however this trend is expected to increase with time.  Similar to crypto only casinos decentralized casinos only provably fair games where all bets are recorded on the blockchain, and they emphasize mostly on transparency and the creation of a trust-less environment with its players. Registration is very minimal sometimes there is no registration you connect directly form your wallet, kyc is non-existent ( unless in extreme cases where a user is committing fraud) number of games tends to be the least.

Our picks for the top Decentralized Casinos would be:

You can read the full reviews by visiting

Do you have your own picks regarding the best bitcoin casino? Let us know in the comments below if we missed any !

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BitGamble is a bitcoin gambling & crypto casino review platform. You will find the latest bitcoin casino reviews. We are a group of analysts, crypto and betting enthusiasts that monitor cryptocurrency betting platforms and the bitcoin gambling industry.

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