10+ Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2020

10+ Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2020

Podcasts recently have exploded to get information in a fast and easy way. It became accessible to every person with an Internet connection. So, if you want a really deep dive into up-to-date cryptocurrency information, the podcasts are the most obvious way to get the recent news. 

We’ve collected eleven podcasts for crypto beginners and professionals who strive to find out more about blockchain technology, digital currencies, and the economy.

#1. Unchained & Unconfirmed

unchained podcast logo Unchained Podcast Logo

Podcast host, Laura Sheen, is a former Forbes editor and one of the first crypto journalists. She hosts two podcasts. Unchained is a weekly hour-long podcast with invited experts and a deep dive into the topic. The interview topics go beyond the crypto industry and relate to the impact of technology on our lives: from financial services to healthcare and the Internet of Things

Unconfirmed is a weekly 20-minute podcast that aims to discuss the main news feeds and insider news of the week. Unconfirmed is one of the best crypto podcasts for short and digestible content rather than long conversations.

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#2. The Pomp Podcast

pomp podcast logo

The host of this podcast is Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and one of the most famous people in the industry. He probably has the most popular cryptocurrency podcast. Pompliano invites prominent people from the crypto industry and investors from Wall Street to find out what they think about digital assets. He is not afraid of challenging issues and does not seek to put Bitcoin as the best asset ever made.

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#3. Let’s Talk Bitcoin

let's talk bitcoin cover

Launched in 2013, Adam Levin’s LTB show grew into a whole platform for cryptocurrencies-related podcasts. Now, you can listen to various podcasts about the blockchain and the crypto industry. LTB became a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums. 

Listen to Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast on Spotify

#4. Untold Stories

untold stories cover

Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur, a Bitcoin enthusiast, and a person of a difficult fate. He founded the BitInstant exchange and was also one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation. In 2014, he was sentenced for two years in prison for money laundering through the Darknet platform Silk Road. 

In prison, he did not stop communicating with the blockchain community. After his release in 2017, he became the Jaxx crypto wallet’s operational director and founded the consulting company CryptoIQ. Such a wealth of experience is reflected in the podcast: Shrem asks deep questions to guests. A lot of attention is also paid to the personal life of the guests.

Listen to Untold Stories Podcast on Spotify

#5. Crypto 101 Podcast

crypto 101 podcast cover

Crypto101 is one of the leaders in our selection. It has a rating of 4.5 and 500+ reviews on the Apple Podcast. The hosts are Aaron PizzaMind Malone and Bryce Paul. Malone is a data analysis expert, co-founder and systems architect at A-B Engineering, a mining company, the author of two books, and Paul is a prominent crypto speaker. The presenters try to educate students about the benefits of blockchain and keep it up to date with the latest industry news, paying much attention to altcoins.

Listen to Crypto 101 Podcast on Spotify

#6. The Epicenter

epicenter podcast cover

One of the oldest crypto podcasts launched in 2013 by co-hosts Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastian Couture. During this time, it was downloaded more than 4 million times. Later, the scientist Meyer Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Frederic Ernst joined their duet. 

The presenters invite famous speakers, industry members, programmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs and talk to them about the technical, economic, and social consequences of using cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Listen to The Epicenter Podcast on Spotify

#7. The Bad Crypto Podcast

bad crypto podcast cover

The podcast has been released since mid-2017. It is hosted by digital marketers Joel Comm and Travis Wright. The guys talk about cryptography in a carefree, fun, and witty way. You will not hear in-depth technical analysis, a jargon, and trading terms. But if you want an easy but useful conversation about the crypto on the way to work – you won’t find a better podcast.

Listen to The Bad Crypto Podcast on Spotify

#8. What Bitcoin Did

what bitcoin did cover

Host Peter McCormack is a prominent crypto enthusiast, with 76,000 followers on Twitter. The podcast contains interviews with experts from the crypto industry. McCormack’s guests included Nick Szabo, Adam Beck, Charlie Shrem, and Andreas Antonopoulos. 


The topics often go beyond the crypto industry and affect, for example, the cannabis industry, censorship, or libertarianism. The author always returns to several topics and records interviews with different people: for instance, hacking Mt.Gox or the arrest of Ross Ulbricht. 


McCormack publicly reports on all revenues and expenses of the show and advertisers. This allows students to be confident in the impartiality of the host and the absence of a conflict of interest. McCormack also hosts another podcast, called Defiance, which covers social issues and civil society. 

Listen to The What Bitcoin Did Podcast on Spotify

#9. Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt cover

Tales from the Crypt is a podcast about Bitcoin hosted by Marty Bent. Marty, Editor in Chief of “the best newsletter in Bitcoin”, sits down to discuss Bitcoin with interesting people. There are already more than 280 episodes. 

Listen to Tales from the Crypt on Spotify

#10. Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera Podcast cover

Stephan Livera is the co-founder of the Ministry of Nodes and the partner of Bitcoiner Ventures. His podcast is focused on educational interviews about Bitcoin technology and economics. Among his guest hosts are Jack Dorsey, Adam Back, Andreas M Antonopoulos, Tuur Demeester, and more.

Listen to Stephan Livera Podcast on Spotify

#11. What Grinds My Gears

What Grinds My Gears podcast cover

What Grinds My Gears is a bizarre (as the website claims) podcast hosted by Meltem Demirors and Jill Carlson. They discuss everything about the world of cryptocurrencies: from the countries’ policy about blockchain and digital assets to the rise of surveillance capitalism. There are already about 30 episodes of the podcast and more to come. 

Listen to What Grinds My Gears Podcast on Spotify

Best Crypto Podcasts – Summary

There are obviously more than just eleven podcasts about cryptocurrencies. However, we’ve collected the fascinating ones. Plug your headphones in and enjoy it!

By the way, we have more entertainment to offer. Changelly has collected the best movies and TV shows featuring cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We also have something to read about digital currencies and blockchain technology. 

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