Free Pass to view Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 courtesy Chromia, hurry only hours left to register for free

Want to learn more about blockchain with leading professionals?

  Henrik Hjelte Chromia speaker at Asian Blockchain Summit  

Chromaway / Chromia CEO Henrik Hjelte invites you to join Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 online on July 15-19, 2020 (Asia Blockchain Alliance's 1st virtual/3rd annual blockchain summit).

Henrik will be speaking on a very relevant topic in today's turbulent world: "How Blockchain Can Rebuild the Economy after COVID-19."

Please go to ABS2020's website and enter the registration code "HENRIK.H" after clicking the "ENTER CODE" button under "EARTH Ticket."

Hurry, there are less that 24 hours remaining for the free pass! Other speakers include Adam Back (Blockstream), Hester Pierce (US SEC), Joseph Lubin (Consensys), Sebastian Sonntag (LocalBitcoins), Jimmy Song (developer), Ran Nuner (Onchain Capital), Michael Gu (Boxmining)... over two dozen industry heavyweights! See

I'm thrilled to see Chromaway's Henrik Hjelte recognized as one of them. 

See my previous post explaining more about their relational blockchain being used in real world government land registries here, and below are quotes from an article published just today by The Chain Daily News.

(Disclaimer : I am loosely affiliated with Chromia; my employer helps with their marketing efforts, which is how I know about the "free pass" link and can share it.)  

"One of the leading blockchain companies in this market is Chromaway, a company with an exceptional track record in the industry. The company has a reputation for having tracked land titles in Sweden, and with similar projects running in Australia, Canada, and India."  

The article nicely spells out the real-world problem use case that Chromaway solves : protecting property owners' rights and titles in regions that do not do a good job of keeping records.  

"The region has several native communities that are dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. As per a recent report, 76% of the population in Peru own their own home, although 44% lack a clear title for their property.  

"...Despite various systems in place by the countries in the project countries, indigenous people still face obstacles for adequate recognition of their land rights, along with prolonged times for registering property."  

Read full article at  

Please go to ABS2020's website and enter the registration code "HENRIK.H" after clicking the "ENTER CODE" button under "EARTH Ticket" - free registration offer is expiring June 30, 2020.

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