Coping With a Trading Failure

By John Brooks | Bitcoin 101 | 16 Oct 2021

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Trading is full of risks, there is no certainty, and anything can happen at any moment. It is possible for your move to do very well, bringing you lots of profits. However, it is also possible for you to lose it all. Failure can be really hard-hitting for some people. To be able to trade successfully, you must learn to cope with the trading failures that are inevitable.

 Successful traders take it upon themselves to emerge stronger and deal with their failures in the best way possible. Here are some ways you can learn to better cope with trading failures:

Own Your Mistakes

Closing your eyes to a loss or blaming others for your loss is not a great move. If you are facing a loss, chances are that it is because of your own mistake. If you have made a mistake that resulted in a loss, it is a better idea to own your mistakes. Once you have accepted that you made a mistake, you will be able to look at the loss more objectively.

If you keep blaming others, you will never be able to see what you did wrong. That also means that you won't be able to fix your mistakes for future moves.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are the biggest lessons. If you want to excel in your trading, you need to look at your mistakes as if they are lessons and learn from them. Trace all your moves and see where you went wrong. Learning from your mistakes can not only help you rectify the lacking, but it will also help you do well in the future. The mistakes you make now will not be the mistakes you make in the future if you take heed and learn from them when you should.

Come Up With A Better Plan

So you had a bad order? What's next? Can you do something about it? Yes! The next thing you can do is come up with a better plan. Assess the reasons that led to your failure and then compare them to the plan you used for your order. That way, you will be able to see all the flaws in your original plan. If you want to succeed, you will have to come up with a better plan that ensures you don't end up making the same mistakes or facing more failures. 

Don't Blame Yourself

We all face failures. It is a part of life. Many people make the mistake of blaming themselves and adding more misery to your life. Realistically, it is a consequence of the actions you chose to make, but at that time, those actions might have seemed like the best option for you. This is why: mistakes happen, and it is not wise to blame yourself alone. The best thing you can do is move forward and make sure you work on avoiding the mistakes you made earlier.

Motivate Yourself

Failure can be the biggest demotivator, but you shouldn't let it get to your head. It is okay if you have failed; the next thing you need to do is ensure that it does not happen again. Think of failure as a challenge and what you need to do is come back from it. Use this as motivation and work towards jumping back on track with increased determination.

Take A Break

If you think that you have had a tough time because of a failure, and you cannot do it anymore, it is best to take a break. Do not quit just yet, a single failure cannot decide if you can do something or not. But if you feel like distancing yourself from the stressful activity of trading, then you can take a sabbatical and cool off. Once you feel that you are ready, you can come back and start where you left off.

Try Your Hand At Something New

It is possible that you might not be good at one type of trading, but that does not mean you should completely stop trading. In this case, you can look into other forms of trading, such as gold trading. There are many forms of trading you can go for, if you want more information on gold trading, read more.

In Conclusion

You must learn to cope in whatever way you deem fit, but never think of quitting. Quitting is never the answer. Learn to cope and strive.

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John Brooks

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