Bitcademy as the most promising project of 2019

Bitcademy as the most promising project of 2019

By Bitcademy Football | bitcademyfb | 20 Apr 2019

Bitcademy as the most promising project of 2019


Initial Coin Offerings, also known as ICO’s created a new dynamic in investing, especially during 2017. However certain ICO’s started misusing the phenomena and headed towards being scams in 2018. The year 2018 was met with several downsides in the cryptocurrency ICO list, which was also due to the cryptocurrency market facing negativity due to regulatory confusions. So what’s in store in 2019?

2019 has begun with ICO’s starting to gain recognition once again thanks to Tron’s BitTorrent token (BTT). With the help of Binance’s Launchpad the BTT token which accepted both Tron (TRX) and Binance (BNB) sold out in a record-breaking 18 minutes, with $4.1 million from TRX and $2.7 million from BNB. Hence with a private sale of $20 million, BTT in total was able to raise a whopping $26.8 million!

If you were late for the opportunity, which many were don’t fret we at Coinswitch have showcased the best ICO to invest in 2019.

Let’s Take A Look At The 10 Most Promising Upcoming Cryptocurrency ICOs In 2019:

  • Somesing

The music industry may have faced a detrimental impact due to the internet, but it’s time for Blockchain to step it up and ensure singing talents are well exposed and motivated. The Somesing platform will allow anyone who loves to sing, to gain economic rewards through gifts, supports and even events in the community.

The token in SomeSing is the SSX and will accept ICON (ICX). The minimum investment is 300 ICX, with a soft cap of $ 5,000,000 and a hard cap of $30,000,000. The presale ICO begins on the 28th of February and ends on the 14th of March 2019. Each SSX token will cost $0.01 during Pre ICO.

The team consists of Heuibae Kim who is the CEO who will be in charge of general planning and operations and advisors such as the CEO of Makestar Jay KIM. Makestar follows the same line of helping talent grow and thrive as a crowdfunding platform for entertainers.

  • Viaz

Borrowing and lending through the traditional banking system are expensive, inefficient and sometimes not as secure. VIAZ is bringing forth a decentralized approach to bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers of not only fiat currency but also digital currencies. It allows the unbanked to take advantage of the lenders and borrowers market all with the simple touch of a laptop or smartphone.

It will be the first decentralized application to run on Tezos blockchain. The ICO begins on the 30th of March and ends on the 30th of September 2019. Each Viaz token depicted as VIAZ will be $0.0650 during ICO. It will accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tezos (XTZ) with a $5,000,000 soft cap and $30,000,000 hard cap.

The CEO of Viaz is Peter Meronek who is well experienced in the field of real estate, and so is well established in acquisition, financing, marketing and the development of a concept. Advisors such as Steve Austin will help guide the technical barriers they face with his strong knowledge of software engineering.

  • Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI is the next in line on Binance’s launchpad automatically stating it as a trustable and successful ICO. It is the world’s first adaptive and self-organizing ledger making it ‘smart’ as a result! Smart contracts are seen to be diminishing due to slow speeds, cost, and inefficiency. However, Fetch.AI promises smart contracts 2.0 where scalability and a unique Proof of Work can be achieved.

The token name of Fethc.AI is FET and will be available to buy on Binance through Binance’s token BNB. The launch of the ICO will take place on the 25th of September and end a week later on the 3rd of March 2019.

The CEO Humayun Sheikh loves innovations and is a founding investor in companies such as DeepMind and also revolutionized the trading in the steel sector. With advisors such as Melbyn Weeks who is an Economics expert, will create a cryptocurrency evolution of economics, technology which will help disrupt the way smart contracts further help the world we live in.

  • FoodNation

We have all ordered food online due to the fast-paced life we live in, or out of sheer boredom. However, we are unable to gain from this monopolized industry where giants tend to gain most of the profits, not only from clients but also from restaurants. FoodNation uses blockchain technology to decentralize the distribution of profits in a more sustainable model.

The main problem faced by restaurants in utilizing delivery options is the fact that it gets juiced into marketing and promotions only during the initial periods. Afterwards, the next line of new restaurants gains coverage while they are lost out on the dark. Thus restaurants find this to be a trick, which slowly eats into their profits and the loss of tables being turned.

The PreICO is over, and the main ICO will launch on the 1st of April till the end by the 30th of June 2019, as per the ICO listing sites. The token name seems pretty tasty, with the name of FOOD and will be on the Ethereum platform. The price at the preICO period was $0.3, while in the ICO it will be priced at $0.5. The minimum investment is 0.5 ETH with a massive soft cap of $1,200,000 and a hard cap of $12,000,000.

Igor Montella, Dynamic young blood runs this company. He has proven to be a genius in terms of programming, web application development and as a software architect. His technical skills help guide Foodnation’s most complicated problems. Foodnation’s primary advisor is Sanem Avcii, a prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency influencer who is noted to be amongst the top 10 Augmented RealityR/ Virtual Reality influencers on Twitter. Her strong presence will take forward the interesting idea to the spaces of food delivery all over the world.

  • Bitcademy Football

You don’t need to imagine what happens when the most popular sport in the world Football also called soccer in the US utilizes the most trending technology blockchain. Bitcademy ensures technological advancements help young players who dream of being the next Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. That’s not all with decentralized added in thanks to blockchain fans can help participate and shape the future stars in the world of football.

Pre ICO begins on the 1st of March and ends on the 31st of May 2019. Its native token is called BTMG and will have a pre ICO price of $0.038. The soft cap is $4,000,000 while the hard cap is at $15,000,000. It will be a utility token based on the Ethereum platform.

The founder of Bitcademy is Tomasz Krzystek who is an experienced project manager known for delivering IT projects across the world. His expert management skills of IT projects will help create this one of a kind large blockchain network which will heavily be in demand due to the popularity of football and fan engagement. Advisors such as Adrian Mierzejewski, brings back the actuality of football! Mierzejewski is a popular Polish footballer who has represented in the Polish National team. He is currently the top scorer in Australian football playing for Sydney FC. His experiences as a footballer will be highly needed for the platform to create awareness and ensure stability.

  • The Joy

The Joy is an ICO entirely dedicated to the beauty and wellness industry, and will be a favorite amongst the ladies! Through the ecosystem of The Joy, you can book a practitioner of beauty services or massage therapy all in the comfort of your home, hotel or even workplace. It also allows you to schedule an appointment in salons and spas without having to call them. It enhances the business opportunities for freelancers in the field along with salons catering to a higher clientele. As for the customers, they are pampered with high-quality service, in a time consistent manner without having to go through the hassle of bookings, especially during holidays or work trips. It also adds the benefit of an advertisement beneficiary system both offline and online with big data statistics being provided by The Joy.

You can begin investing in one of the most revolutionary ideas in the beauty industry through the ICO based on Ethereum’s ecosystem. The Joy’s ICO started on the 20th of January and ends on the 1st of May 2019. The token of The Joy is JOY and is priced at $0.015 during the ICO. It has made it possible for many to invest in the idea and concept, with a minimum investment of $50.

The Joy is run by a successful serial entrepreneur and crypto investor by the name of Vladislav Kiselev and is a new cryptocurrency release 2019. As the CEO he has already founded the entertainment company Plan B Escape Game GmbH which is spread across Germany and is also an experienced commodity trader. Advisors to the Joy include Othman Mirzan who as part of the crypto experience has invested in several small-medium scale mining facilities, and consulted two successful ICO’s with an astonishing raising of $21 million. Mirzan’s crypto experience will come into play to ensure the token dynamics of the beauty and wellness industry is well decentralized and helps the industry emerge.

  • Menapay

The MENA region which is the Middle East and North Africa countries need a way of faster payments, which are cheaper and more secure and thus Menapay comes in the picture. Blockchain technology helps enable Menapay to achieve a more Islamic financial approach for money transactions so that interests are prohibited.

Menapay’s native token MPAY will be available to buy through the ICO sale till the 15th of March 2019. It has a token price of $0.165 during ICO and accepts several ways of deposits from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and even Fiat currencies. The soft cap is $5,000,000 and the hard cap is established at $25,000,000.

Menapay is run by the CEO Barış Özistek who has been a top executive in multinational companies for more than 20 years and is also the founding board member of a couple of initiatives such as StartsHub, ProTranslate, Biznet, and several others. He is also part of the Turish Blockchain Platform. Board members of Menapay include H.H. Hanadi Ahmad Khadher who is a notable political figure. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will help MenaPay on government relations hence making it one of the best ICO to invest.

  • Travelvee

Travelvee is a decentralized community of people who will be able to choose unoccupied rooms for the best offers. Thus it is an ecosystem of hotels, resorts, chalets, apartments, and ofcourse tourists and business travelers who both win-win in terms of occupancy and good rates.

The Travelvee token is the TRAVEL token whos ICO is currently available till the 15th of February 2019. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain, with a softcap of $5,000,000 and a hardcap of $30,000,000. The ICO price of TRAVEL is established at $1.

The technology is run by the CTO Kostadin Bashev who also co-founded the company along with Slava Nikitenko and Borislav Boichinov.

  • ScientificCoin

ScientificCoin brings forth the advantage to the scientists who are actively looking for funding on their life-changing experiments from nerds in the science space who will be interested in investing. ScientificCoin puts forth expert analysis for newbies and science lovers to understand projects in a more logical manner with figures, economic details, legal advice and marketing plans to help analyze which will be best for investment. Thus with ScientificCoin not only rich scientists but even intelligent but struggling scientists will have an opportunity to get in on a fairer investment model by the reduction of corruption and intermediaries.

ScientificCoin also consists of an online university and a freelance platform to hire scientists creating market space for scientists to look for freelance opportunities and entrepreneurs searching for skilled science resources. With science still having huge opportunities to explore and being a wide subject, ScientificCoin fits in the top ICO list.

The coin for ScientificCoin is the SNcoin which is available for $1.5 till the 28th of February in a hard cap of $2,200,000.

ScientificCoin is run by Maxim Dvedenidov, who has the CEO has strong expertise in the field of science with established businesses such as Health Monitor. Advisors include notable people in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths hence catering to the scientific point of things. One such example is Atutov Sergey as the lead advisor in the Physics department. He is known to have a Ph.D. on Helium-Neon Laser 1982 Laser in Magnetic Field.

  • Ledgity

Ledgity helps bring forth the revolutionary Security Tokens, in a platform which allows it to be freely and smoothly transacted. Thus the on-chain and off-chain worlds are easily bridged in terms of gaps. Security Tokens will be able to be issued and exchanged in a peer to peer manner with applicable legal and regulatory standards applied to ensure compliance. It will offer a 24/7 market with high liquidity and broad access leading to efficiency, low costs, and high speeds.

The Ledgity token is abbreviated by LTY and the ICO will begin by the 1st of July and end by the 30th of September. There’s a long way to go for the ICO to begin given the way blockchain and crypto is seen to be fast paced in terms of advancements. The ICO price of LTY is 0.1 Euros with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH. The hard cap will be 35,000,000 Euros.

The founder of Ledgity token is Pierre-Yves D. who has been in the fund manager, lecturer on finance and founding partner for several financial companies. His financial knowledge will help securities token achieve the recognition given the combative laws throughout the world. One of the core advisors is Collin LaHay who is GambitCrypto’s founder. LaHay’s network of cryptocurrency traders, institutional investors and developers will help Ledgity achieve bringing security tokens to the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.


Overall the best ICO’s to invest in 2019, depends on what your preferences are in terms of ideas, teams, and uniqueness. You can invest in your passion, or on speculation of fundamentals that a particular idea will be well received by the public thus cashing in on a profit. Whatever the reasons are the cryptocurrency ICO list above helps you make a calculative decision!


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