Testing Flixxo - The Blockchain Based YouTube Alternative

Testing Flixxo - The Blockchain Based YouTube Alternative

While I don't actually hold more than a small handful of "Flixx" tokens - having never really understood the value-proposition from a token "investors" perspective - Flixxo as a platform, is something I've been following the development of for the best part of a year now (loosely).  And as such, with Flixxo recently launching in proper, I decided to go test it out...


From the team that brought the world "Popcorn Time", the relatively popular video streaming platform with BitTorrent integration, Flixxo, sells itself as being the "decentralized YouTube".  And the "Flixx" token is the native cryptocurrency of the platform, with which users pay to view video content, or alternatively earn Flixx, by viewing advertisements (with which to pay for content).  


The Flixxo website is one of the nicest I've yet come across in crypto-land, however, in order to use Flixxo you need to download the platform as a stand-alone application.  Once downloaded signing up was simple and free.  And having no Flixxo on platform to begin with, Flixxo served me up an initial advertisement, the watching of which earned me 0.5 Flixx tokens, with which to get started.  The initial advert played a little glitchy, but after viewing and earning that initial credit and moving on to the platform in proper the videos played nicely, and I could seemingly earn Flixx in small chunks at will, by choosing to watch more advertisements.  Or alternatively pay to watch vids and skip the ads if I so pleased, using any Flixx tokens that I might already own...

Why a Decentralized YouTube?

As somebody who subscribes to a fair number of "truther" YouTube channels (that's "conspiracy theories" for you "sheeple" :p) I've had to over the years listen to hundreds of YouTubers publicly bemoan their demonetization.  And you'd have to be numb of all senses to have not picked up on the ever increasing levels of censorship across the major centralized big-tech platforms in recent years.  An issue that blockchain seemingly promises to be the solution to (though at time of posting it's still not entirely proven).


At time of testing there were some minor UI issues.  The application has no close-window "X" in the top right corner, nor minimize/maximize options.  Making it difficult to switch back to Windows or a browser.  And just a few days after initially downloading Flixxo, and then trying to sign back in I was greeted with "this version is too old, you'll need to update it if you want to continue using Flixxo" - but I was not in app presented with any way of doing so.  However despite some minor annoyances the platform functioned pretty well.  And it's probably my favorite of the decentralized blockchain video platforms I've tested thus far.  And with a few fixes here-and-there, some good marketing and/or organic growth, in conjunction with YouTube continuing to alienate evermore of its user-base, and who knows - Flixxo could be coming for the crown... 

To learn more and/or to download Flixxo for yourself you can visit their website HERE.

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