Getting the Hi Dollar card from without buying any Hi!

By Box | BitBox | 21 Oct 2022

Yes you read that title correctly. You can indeed get a hi dollar card without actually buying any hi itself! There's many bonus's you can utilise without actually purchasing any hi directly.

So firstly let's look at the ways of getting some hi without actually buying it directly. Note these methods require having money or crypto but none of it needs to be spent/traded for hi.

If you haven't already you'll need to create an account with Currently it's invite only so feel free to help me out by using the code Boxxie

Now that's done you'll need to apply for an IBAN account (or even both the GBP and EUR one) which you'd want anyway if you plan on using the card. Once you've got your IBAN setup you can transfer money into our account. Your first £100 and €100 deposit will net you 100 Hi dollars for free. So if you have something like revolut where you are able to sent multiple currencies you can do the 2 bank transfers and net yourself 200 hi dollars total giving you enough Hi for the basic card and you will still have your £ or € to top up the card and spend. This Hi will be credited to your account around 10 days after your IBAN deposit.


Now the basic card only nets you 1% cashback so lets set our sights on the black card to get 3% and a lifestyle perk!


The other methods to receive Hi for simply transferring and storing Eth or USDT on your account so if you have a chunk of this stored on Blockfi, Nexo or Celsius (assuming they ever do let you withdraw!) you will be rewarded twice for your efforts! Depending on how much with deposit will depend on how much you can get as shown in the below image.

Hi.coms deposit bonus


Once you've sent your eth or USDT over you just simply leave it in the flexible earn for 90 days in order to get the bonus. Whilst in the flexible earn your eth will receive 5.5% APR interest and your USDT will net you 11% APR interest paid each week on a Friday. After the 90 days you can claim your hi which will be put into your vault account allowing you add to your overall card stake.

At the current price of around 5 cents per hi coin if you wanted to get yourself a free black card the $1000 deposit would be enough. If you want the silver card free it would require the hefty $10k deposit but this would actually give you 20000 hi which is double the amount of hi needed for the black card. $50k  would give you enough hi for a free gold card but at this point you'd probably be more likely to just buy the hi for $3500ish.

For now these are the the only bonus's hi are offering to get hi but they do have other offers that pop up on occasions which I shall try to cover as and when they come out with a bit more of an explanation that what Hi generally do.

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