How to earn big money with CryptoCoins (SPOILER: Probably you're doing in the wrong way)

How to earn big money with CryptoCoins (SPOILER: Probably you're doing in the wrong way)

(What I am going to explain below it's based only on my personal experience and it's just a personal opinion)

I have seen during these years spent on the web a lot of people that embrace the journey of bitcoin and related altcoins with the objective to “make money”. I decide to write this post related publish0x but generally speaking related to all crypto-sphere.

Bad News: CryptoCoins will not make you rich unless you will not learn something useful. 

Ok, some airdrop can give you a good amount of money… but there is probably the ratio of 1:100000 and probably it will pass more and more time to see something really profitable.
Here on this blog platform you can click and click (like a ptc) but you are just acting like a “machine”, wasting the best resources that is the ... you and human brain.

If you have some experience, something interesting to share, you will earn MORE AND MORE MONEY!

Since all of you are not earning while tipping random guys each xx minutes for their work. I am pretty sure this is just a poor vision of the whole “crypto revolution”.

You guys have the unique chance to LEARN, to MAKE good connections, and to EXPLORE a new completely field.
We are just pioneer here. We are living together a revolution, cash (generally speaking) is becoming “virtual”.

You can invest your time to learn more and more. Get inspired by project of success and try to find your niche!
It can be very helpful since you can create a strong content or you can create a new product or just "sell" your experience.
This is a massive revenue for your time. Not just few cents for some clicks.

Use your time to read as much as you can. Get new friends, create a network reading new ideas.
Just few persons (globally speaking) are very expert on crypto coins, and as I said before we are all PIONEER!

If you’re acting passively, like a “paid to click”, I am pretty sure you can earn enough money for a pizza&beer but are you really satisfied with this? Did you think that the whole situation we are living it can be satisfied with some clicks?

I hope that my words are enough to inspire people or just a few of my readers.  Take part on this revolution in an active way, and decide to earn one of the most valuable think: CULTURE!

Be the difference. You can do it.

This is an original content created by me (bitbollo) and posted only here in publish0x
Feel free to leave your comment about my opinion. 

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