Can I Get a Bone? Doge to $10.00

By Bit Dawg | Bit Dawg | 5 May 2021

Can BitDoge please get a bone or a treat?   I have been barking at y’all but since I talk to simple I’ve been ignored.  I try to keep it simple and have been bullish on Doge since .05.  Here’s 5 reasons Doge will go to $10.00. 

1). Coinbase.  Doge is close to the 3rd largest crypto.  It just hit .67.  It will be picked up on Coinbase and be a serious competitor to Ethereum and Bitcoin. 
2).  Elon and Starlink.  Elon will be presenting on SNL this Saturday.  Will he reveal plans with Starlink.  BitDoge thinks so. 
3).  Trevor Lawrence.  Trevor just took his signing bonus in crypto including Doge and his main endorsement is a crypto exchange.  Wait until Doge and crypto is promoted every weekend this football season by TL. 
4).  Mark Cuban.  The smile on Mark’s face when he talks about Doge is classic.  Tells it all.  He picks winners. 
5).  Amazon and other e-commerce platforms including what Elon has up his sleeve when he competes with Amazon with StarLink.  As wallets and payment platforms like BitPay become more mainstream, Doge will roar.  
Please throw me a bone.  I’ve been a good boy.  This is an international payment platform.  Quick transactions.  Anonymity.  E-commerce.  Endorsements. Early ages.   Bark at you later.  
Bit Dawg

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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