BitDawg Says Buy AMP crypto ASAP

By Bit Dawg | Bit Dawg | 10 Nov 2023

BitDawg thinks that spring time has come for cryptocurrencies.  Large institutions like Blackrock have entered the arena with ETF filings.  The institutional interest will peek the interest of large tech companies like Apple Google and Amazon.  Before too long the true internet marketplace of money will arise.  The bridge between crypto and the present point of sale systems is AMP.  AMP is a staking token on the FLEXA network which prevents double spends and secures transactions between merchants and wallet holders.  FLEXA allows consumers to use their cryptocurrencies to purchase items.  AMP and FLEXA truly bring crypto payments to mainstream.  I have used it at multiple stores and it works great.  The system turns your crypto into a QR code you scan at the register just like a gift card.  The future of money is arriving.  But as during the gold rush the real money was made from the picks and axes not the gold I believe that AMP gives you the ability to make serious money off of the crypto rails not the crypto currency.   AMP formerly traded up to 12 cents per coin.  It currently trades at .0019.  It is a steal as Bitcoin and Ethereum generate more and more demand.  We will want to spend it right?   FLEXAs app SPEDN allows you to do exactly that and AMP solves any risk in fluctuating prices for the merchant.  AMP is worth a serious look.  

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

I love to read and write about Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency and its potential uses fascinates me. I have used the Gemini app, the BRD wallet, and the SPEDN app to familiarize myself with Bitcoin. I want to share my knowledge in an easy to understand way

Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

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