What is FriesDAO?

What is FriesDAO?

By Tom29 | Bit-Blog | 14 Jan 2022

Hello today I will write about the crypto project FriesDAO. I hope you will enjoy it.

What is FiresDAO?

FriesDAO is a decentralized autonomus organisation. They have the goal to buy a well-known profitable fast food franchises using the friesDAO community treasury. The FriesDAO token is not yet on the market. But there will be a private pre-sale. The date is not yet known. To get into the private pre-sale, you have to complete so-called missions. I like this system because it rewards those who are really actively involved in the project.


Roadmap of FriesDAO

FriesDAO has a three-step-plan on their website, which they want to achieve;

raise funds

gather USDC from community contributions in a public fundraiser and distribute the $FRIES governance token proportionally to contributors

purchase franchises
negotiate with franchise owners to acquire well-known profitable fast food franchises using the friesDAO community treasury

reacquire $FRIES
using franchise revenue, buy back governance tokens for the friesDAO treasury controlled by community governance

-Webpage FriesDAO, https://fries.fund/

They also have a roadmap on their Discord:


How can I stay up to date?

To stay up to date, I rate you to join their Discord and follow the project on Twitter.


What I do and what you should do

I will complete some missions to come in the private sale. I rate you, do you own research and let the project convince you. This isn't a finacial advice!

I hope you liked this post. See you next time and maybe in the Discord!


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