Last Chance to Win a Trip to Dubai from Binaryx

By Binaryx | binaryx_news | 12 Mar 2021

The crypto-valentine ecosystem?

In the beginning, we wanted to create a regular ERC-20 SVDT token, with which it was possible to declare love to a person by sending a token to his address.

But with each discussion, new ideas appeared, and as a result - from a token that can only be sent to each other, we came to a whole ecosystem around it.
Landing page, crypto-valentines, rating, token burning system, purchase opportunity. At one point, it was decided to add a competitive element to this project and we added a draw for a trip to Dubai and valuable prizes.

The principle of operation of SVDT is as transparent as possible - to receive tokens, you need to register on the contest page, after which you can create and promote your crypto-valentine. The more tokens spent on promotion, the higher the position in the rating. Winners of prizes will receive valuable gifts, and the main prize will be a trip for two to Dubai. Read more about the conditions and prizes in our blog.

What's next?
The competition will end on March 14 - the winners will be determined and prizes sent. After that, the coin will go into free circulation. We will continue to use the SVDT token in our activities - we managed to create a whole ecosystem, the convenience of which was appreciated by our users and those who came to us thanks to SVDT.

Are you ready for a romantic trip to Dubai? Then go ahead to Binaryx!

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