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Making a little history then appears the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, then the alternate currencies, the world of blockchain does not stop in its sweeping progress, appear of smart contracts and the creation of NFT tokens, but what are the NFT?

The NFT tokens are nothing more than cryptographic assets with the characteristics that are unique, not repeated, can not be copied or exchanged, also called non-fungible tokens, can not be deleted once created, can not be exchanged in pairs in traditional trading, only one owner who can sell it to another person. They have gained great importance and depending on the use case for which they are created, they acquire their value. In videogames they take an importance because it lends itself to a whole trade with them, they can be elements of the game that come to have value according to their performance and also for their digital art that they can represent, the rarer the more valuable they are, even as a document of ownership of a good that could be a house. And according to the use case for which they are created they acquire their value, for example a NFT token created by a digital designer Beeple, who for 13 years created a collage with all his digital arts, he captured them in a token called my first 5000 days, to astonishment this token was auctioned last year at almost 69 million dollars.

On the binance platform you have a complete and clear environment to buy and sell NFT tokens, the Marketplace, exclusive content has been added for video games and the so-called mystery boxes, but let's see how to enter it.


Something new is that on the main page we have added creators and recommended collections, this is important when you want to buy an NFT token and do it with confidence and security.


If you select games you will find a whole gallery of video game objects, in binance you have a multi-chain support, that is to say you can bring tokens from other platforms.


If you select marketplace, you will enter the Marketplace which is Binance's main marketplace to buy and sell NFT, either by auction or single offer, in binance you will find the largest gallery of NFT you can find.


And finally the mystery boxes, mystery box in which you can find tokens of extreme rarity, it should be noted that in this option you will receive a token randomly selected and closed in a box, you can open it and see what you got or just put on sale your mystery box purchased. In the same way the purchase can be at a fixed price or auction.


How to buy a NFT

You must have in your account either BUSD, BNB or ETH available.

Navigate to the NFT market page and choose which section you want, look for the token you want to buy, and check if it is fixed price or auction, if it is fixed price just buy, if it is auction just bid.



If you are already clear and want to invest in NFT token, I recommend the Binance exchange, if you do not have an account I leave you my referral link so you can easily register, once registered you must verify your account.

First of all you must have an account in Binance, if you still do not have one then I leave you my referral link for you to register, with the registration using my link you will have benefits and promotions that Binance gives to new users, such as a percentage discount on commissions on transactions.


If you want to register at once then I leave the link to my guide to register step by step, then in the same guide I explain how to verify your account and finally simple explanation for you to acquire your first cryptocurrency in Binance


Continuing with the topic at hand,

Here you have the link to the Binance academy



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