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Two ways to play virtual currency

By parismexi | BigoMex Trading | 3 Nov 2021

When most people play virtual currency, they buy whatever goes up, and sell what goes down. This is the most stupid way to play, because no matter whether it goes up or down, you will never run. To win the dealer, the dealer pulls up the plate, isn't it just to give money when you go in? The dealer has withdrawn the funds, isn't that cutting the meat if you go again? Moreover, most people don’t want to sell when they rise, and don’t want to leave when they fall a bit. Finally, they are stuck, watching other coins whizzing upwards, and quickly sell and buy another one. As soon as you sell, it will rise, and as soon as you buy it, it will rise. Fall, this is an operation method for most people to buy virtual currency


Some people like to play stand-alone coins, which are coins that burst at 12 o'clock every day. This kind of gameplay is actually better than the above ones. With good luck, it can increase by 40% or 50% a day, but this Many kinds of stand-alone coins like to pull a wire. Pull a wire up and wait for you to come in. As soon as you come in, one wire is pulled down. If you play too much with this kind of currency, it will be a matter of being killed.


So what is the correct way to play virtual currency? There are two kinds


The first


Choose one or a few items, buy it, and just leave it there. You don’t have to worry about it. If you look at it after a month, you can usually increase two or three times. If you are lucky, it can increase more than ten or twenty times. When choosing a project, many people particularly like those old and unable to get up, such as ltc, etc. The older the better, it’s very inexplicable. The project team is dead, and you still What are you doing, waiting for the dealer to pull the offer?


There is a small trick when confinement is to sell at 89 o’clock in the evening, and then buy at 10:30. You can do a small high sell low buy, generally there are 5 to 10 points.


The second


It’s just a word to eat the dealer. Buy when it falls, and sell when it rises. This kind of gameplay is simple and rude. You only need to find one item, and you can focus on this item. Of course, you can also find several items at the same time. Everyday there are dealers to eat, the greater the decline, the more full you eat, this kind of gameplay is also very enjoyable


Both of these gameplays are very good


As for the daily line, forget it, like these few days, if you do the daily line, you will definitely lose money, and it will be too tired.



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