The basic logic you must know about airdrop tokens

By parismexi | BigoMex Trading | 29 Oct 2021


After so long, everyone knows what’s airdrop tokens are, right? As the name suggests, it is given to you for free.

As for the routines of airdrop tokens, I‘ve summarized the following points for everyone:

1.Increase the number of community users


Simply put, this approach is to increase the number of people holding this airdrop token and the number of IPs.Let the banker think this coin has popularity. The project party of this coin will increase the bargaining chip when negotiating cooperation with other people.

For example: "Our community is a community of 100,000 people, our project can be a very popular project, the number of holdings can reach as many as 100,000 people" and a similar concept.

Another example, if Ripple cooperates with a bank, you can move out of this concept. In this case, the partner will feel that your currency is very popular, and the probability of cooperation is also high, which in turn promotes the development of this currency.


2.Guide users play on their platforms


Generally speaking, This airdrop project is a means for the exchange to attract new users. The admin will give you some airdrop coins, which can only be traded on their own platform.

Since this coin has some value, should you consider selling it on their exchange? If you go, sorry, please register first and then authenticate. Finally, when you want to sell, you realize that the money you sell can only be used to deduct the transaction fee on the platform.

Or they really allow you to withdraw cash, but you can't withdraw it for less than 100 usdt. In other words, after the registration and authentication, you can't actually get a penny.

However, at the same time it has increased the popularity of their exchange. Even in the future, some mainstream coins or other shitcoins will be listed on their platform, because you‘ve already authenticated on their platform, you’ll naturally go to trade again.


3.Make the market free from disputes


This‘s the concept of forks. If some people do not support the fork, afraid that will make their coins worthless. It doesn't matter, The team will airdrop to opponents, and ensure that Opponent‘s coins doesn't depreciate. Even they gave opponents their valuable coins, so everyone was happy. Then no one in the market opposes their coin to fork. It's Win-Win.


4.Prepare starting Pump & Dump


A lot of people don’t realize this. What is the relationship between airdrops and Pump & Dump ?

Let me explain for you:

A certain team wants to ICO(initial coin offering),and is ready to operate a Pump & Dump in the future.But if they pull up directly, there will be no buyers in the market to follow up. In other words, direct pull, which is equivalent to sending money to the people who participated in the crowdfunding at the beginning.

If they airdropped it outside, and tens of thousands of retail investors have this coin. Of course, retail investors have a small amount of coins.

Then the team Pump & Dump directly, let the shill of market maker coax together outside, saying that the coin hit to the moon. Retail investors happily went to the exchange to sell this coin. It doesn't matter, if you sell and withdraw, the market maker has collected this effect: Let you know this coin, and successfully guide you traded on their exchange.

5.Collect information and sell


This is easy to understand. If you want to get their coin, fill in your name and mobile phone number. The subsequent whole data can be sold to those in need. And the cost of collecting this data is only one coin for about 10 USDT.

Of course, this is walking on the edge of the law, and the income is not high.


6.Build a reputation


This is a serial routine. Assuming that a team has no reputation.The team will ICO first, and they will airdrop it. Everyone owns a small amount of coins. Each time you invite someone to receive the airdrop package, you can draw a prize. usually the amount of coins in airdrop package is random.

The truth is, most people get a small amount of coins in the Airdrop package. Before the draw starting, this coin is already worth a lot on the cooperative exchange. So most people will desperately invite others to draw this coin.

In fact, when the numbers of users reaches a certain base, the team will stop the draw immediately.

In this way, first of all, there is only a small part of the currency outside, and this wave of propaganda will probably lose 10 to 20 million.

Secondly, the cooperation exchange can acquire a large number of users and reputation. Compensation We can use the opportunity to list coins for free and a number of exchange coins as compensation.

Thirdly, the exchange promotes with other shill of mains:


“This team is extremely powerful! ”

“Their free coins are valuable,the increase is HUGE,the technology is great also.”

“ It has reached a permanent cooperation with the banker.”

“By the way, they also made a redemption capital, and the redemption capital is all investing this coin, and it has already made a lot of money!”


Based on the above, the team will issue new coins again. The benefits are:
(1) It‘s easy to ensure that the new coin is listed on the exchange.
(2)As we all know, this team is very strong.
(3)The main investors have invested, what are you retail investors afraid of?
(4)Those who have the former currency can airdrop a little, which will cause everyone to buy the former currency and return a little money.

Until then you will understand everything.


Having said so much, how should we treat airdrop coins?


Well, in fact, the routine of airdropping tokens does not just appear now.

Once upon time,the previous postal currency card holding and delivery, and the coin-giving game  has same logics.People who do MLM understand human nature best, don't they?

But now in the cryptocurrency circle, how to deal with airdrop coins in your wallet is indeed a question worth thinking about.

As retail investors, we should think more about whether it is worth increasing the cryptocurrency and whether we can trust the project.

Therefore, if the airdrop coins received can be sold, withdraw quickly. If you really want to play coins, choose some mainstream ones, which is really better.




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