NFT Creation: Secrets You Should Know

By Bigcrypt | BigcryptNFT | 14 Jan 2022

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NFT is an acronym for Non Fungible Tokens. To newbies, it is just digital art that isn't worth buying.
Is It Really Not Worth Buying?
★The answer remains no. NFTs are worth buying.
NFTs are unique art work that are built by artists on a Blockchain network.
It provides a platform where artists can showcase their unique art to the world over.
NFTs may include painting, sketches, music,tweets and lot more.
Since NFT creation and awareness is still new to the Crypto space, it is somehow difficult to make it seen and sold by many.
Is There A Solution To This?
Absolutely yes. Although NFT creation is still new, scammers have sneaked in with an intention to exhibit piracy and plagiarism which is unhealthy for the industry but some steps could override the smartness of these scammers.
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★ One way of achieving this is making unique art work and creating a specific name in the industry. What I mean here isn't really the name you call your artworks but a name which tells everyone exploring the NFT circle what is expected when they search through your collection.
★ Another way is utility. Your NFTs may act as an access to special features that is only accessible to those who own the original copy of the NFT. This way, scammers become stranded because they probably won't be able to provide those utilities to the public.
I am currently working on an NFT project which is aimed at providing it's owner with a wide range of utility that's second to none. Partnership is essential for the provision of the targeted utility hence I implore anyone who's interested in this partnership to message me on Twitter for full disclosure on how achieving the success of the project is aimed.
It should be worthy of note that steps have already been taken to ensure the launch of the project on 7/2/2022.
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