Take 1 minute to see. You will not make mistakes!

Take 1 minute to see. You will not make mistakes!

esomoney.icu - ecamoney.site ...
Perhaps people are not new to these sites, and there are certainly people who do not know it, for those who do not know about websize like esomoney, it is really very attractive and easy to become a child. its bait. What is EsoMoney, let's learn.

esomoney is PTC advertising, pay per click advertising on the site.

- Website: esomoney.icu

- Phishing network since 2014

- The system to view paid advertising

- View the paid ad site

- The owner is unknown

( I didn't know about the existence of these phishing sites, until one of them scammed a friend of mine, when I searched, I found them all very popular on the internet)

- The domain name is different for every new site, but they are the same phishing network

- They have never paid anyone.

- The payment information displayed on the homepage is fake

- The websites on the internet all display different languages ​​such as English, German, Russian.


esomoney displayed on their homepage, they pay an average of 50 people around $ 400 per day. Anyone can earn $ 400 a day if participating in esomoney.

Let's do the math and see the esomoney deals.

- In fact, each advertiser pays $ 1 for 500 clicks

( so $ 1 divided by 500 clicks = $ 0.002 per click the advertiser pays)

- Now the esomoney website says it will pay $ 0.10 per click, more than $ 0.098 per click that the advertiser pays. Ridiculous!

Take a look at the esomoney website

- On the homepage of esomoney notice that they have paid for 50 people. Each person $ 400 a day
($ 400 x 50 = $ 20,000 / day)

$ 20,000 × 30 days = $ 600,000 just to pay for 50 people

( So what do they get to pay 100 or 1,000 people a month? If pay for 1000 people. 600,000 × 20 = 12. 000,000 $ a month)

- Which advertiser will pay this currency! NEVER. How much will their business earn so they pay millions of dollars just for advertising?

- For those of us who want to make more money online, we often come across sites that attract the ambition of "making internal money". We hope we find a way to quickly fix our cash flow problems. However, fraudulent sites pay to surf the web everywhere, making us believe just by signing up and viewing / clicking on ads (whether manually or automatically). offers anywhere from $ 0.05 to $ 0.40 per view / click with an upgrade bonus that increases the potential earning money will mean .. BAMM ... money!

(with very little effort, aside from sitting and clicking all day) But, you will register, view a variety of websites and spend a lot of time building your account balance and referrals so you can Withdraw money, only to finally find beyond expectations!

They do not pay !!

- That's exactly what happened after I register some of these sites, but for this blog, I'm an agreement with ecamoney.site

similar scams behind

UbeMoney, OmuMoney, GaMoney, PaMoney.Fun, EtMoney.PW, EmMoney & EsMoney.ICU, EnMoney.FUN, AxMoney.ICU, OzMoney.XYZ, AwMoney.ICU, UbMoney.XYZ & count as they keep changing urls to keep scam away.Offer $ 0.10 per view - which, after you complete the initial request to pay, they raise the bar to avoid paying you as shown in the image below:

351665157-3404dcd6c6e26beeb7e5e2a50386c0ec5d80f35408ff1b2b92809f90cb9c2120.pngWhen I first requested a withdrawal of $ 50, I said that I need to have at least $ 150 in my account to request a withdrawal. So I spent more time clicking on more ads until I accumulated $ 176 in my account. When I asked for the payment back, the notice said I only needed to introduce 40 participants. (which is not stated before this time - they can change after this blog), then the whole amount plus 25% of referrals will be paid to me.

Note: they even offer referrals to sell at a high price for each referral you can buy if you have problems getting referrals.

If I had bought referrals from them, I would have doubled my withdrawal request for those referrals. One second if they paid me for their referrals, they will earn at least $ 176 minimum and i will gain profit


So I continued to click on my referral ads and affiliate ads until my account was the minimum balance required and my referral count reached 41 eligible me for payment. full, but as you can see, I've kicked the wall again- NO payment! The reason this time is, my account was not approved and I need to wait 30-60 days for my account to be approved." I know it's a scam "is what I told myself. But, I had to find it myself, in case I found a real gold goose money maker.


But ... wait, they have a solution - just send them $ 10 in bitcoin to speed up the approval process and I'll be paid in full in 5-10 minutes.
(I should feel richer than $ 300 after reading it .... right?)


At this time, I have completed and stopped my referral link ad and left a comment in the support / comment section where I did not receive a response from the administrator. And now I WARNING YOU! before you waste your time and effort clicking on ads and promoting worthless referrals hoping you will get paid after all your efforts. And they-all almost always repeat yourself to keep the scam going to recruit unsuspecting "sit & click" dream easy money (like me, before i knew the truth)


the truth is....

YOU'VE BEEN SCAM! DO NOT REMOVE YOUR TIME TIME OR MAKE PURCHASES FOR UPGRADED PACKAGES OR INTRODUCE PEOPLE TO THIS SITE Promise bonuses and high earnings for upgraded members! None of their shinny subjects matter if they don't pay!

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