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Coin24 Review: Crypto Swaps, Features and More

Crypto trading can be difficult at first, as most traditional exchanges have complex and long procedures. Coin24 is a platform that makes things much easier for crypto enthusiasts who want to easily swap their cryptos between them. In today’s review, we will be examining the features offered by this app.


About Coin24

Coin24 is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates instant conversions between cryptocurrencies by aggregating a number of leading exchanges across the crypto market. The site also allows users to compare the fees charged on multiple exchanges to find the best price deal and to track order progress in real-time.

To appeal to a wider global audience, the site has been translated into 15 languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc.


Easy to Use Interface

The Coin24 interface has been designed to be extremely convenient and easy to use for anyone regardless of their level of experience with trading. The platform was created to offer seamless crypto exchanges without any complicated procedures. The process has been simplified that much, as users do not have to create an account on any exchange to perform a swap.


Safety and Privacy

Coin24 is a non-custodial exchange, meaning that it does not hold any of the funds deposited by users, merely facilitating transfers to and from the exchanges selected by its customers. This means that the funds are less vulnerable to hacks. You do not have to create an account on any exchange; therefore, you will not have to lose time providing sensitive personal data to pass KYC procedures.


Supported Cryptos

Coin24 supports a wide selection of 50 coins, including major digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero, and many others.



For its exchange services, Coin24 charges a fee between 0% and 0.49%, with the percentage varying based on the exchange selected for the transaction. The fee does not include the fees charged by crypto exchanges, nor does it cover the network fee of the coin.

Coin24 does not have any limits when it comes to the amount you can withdraw or deposit. However, it is recommended that your sum covers at least all the network fees of your coin and any other exchange fees.

While Coin24 does not impose a maximum trading limit, some exchanges might have such a restriction.


How to Use Coin24

The process of exchanging cryptos on Coin24 is easy and convenient. Beginner users will have no trouble getting the coins they want.

1. First, choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange (ETH/BTC, for example).
2. Input how much ETH you want to exchange.
3. The rate for the transaction will be featured. If you agree with the rate, proceed and provide the BTC address where you want your coins to be deposited.
4. You should also enter a refund address to get your ETH back if the swap fails to be completed successfully for some reason.
5. Click on the “Start Transaction” button.
6. After this, Coin24 will generate an ETH deposit address and a QR code. This is the address you will send your ETH from your own external ETH wallet to.
7. Then, wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
8. Wait for coins to be credited to your own BTC wallet.

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so carefully check that all the addresses you have entered are accurate.

Exchanging other cryptos involves going through the same process as the one illustrated above. The transaction processing time on Coin24 has an average completion time between 15 and 30 minutes.


Affiliate Program

Coin24 also offers users the opportunity to earn additional revenue through a profitable affiliate program. Participants in the program stand to receive 100% of commissions from each new user they refer to the platform. The commissions are credited on a daily basis to users between 15:00 and 20:00 (UTC + 11:00).


Customer Support

Customers can reach Coin24’s support team via live chat option with any problems at any hour of the day. The staff is ready to help users with any issues they might have performing a transaction or any account-related topics.


Additional Products

The team of developers behind Coin24 has also developed additional products, including BlockChen and BlockSDK.

BlockChen is a Block explorer which allows users to search for addresses, blocks, and transactions made with Bitcoin, Bitcoin cache, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Monero.

BlockSDK is a cryptocurrency API that permits other developers to customize the interface to interact directly with the exchange.



Coin24 is an extremely convenient and simple exchange platform that allows novice traders to make fast crypto conversions at advantageous rates.

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