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The Next Big Coin Is Fueling Up! Real World Use Case & Active Global Products

By BlueSkyCrypto | BIG NEWS | 9 Feb 2021


As we move further away from Bitcoin and Ether's affordability people are looking to the smaller coins in hopes of higher gains. This is a great strategy when looking to make nice profits. 

Today we introduce NPXS by Pundix Labs. NPXS is a real utility token with global reach and adoption. Though the market itself may appear to be small Pundix has some major partnerships developed and recently began to make some serious bullish moves. 

Boasting real world utility in their NPXS & Function x coin with Point of sale systems designed for cryptocurrency in business as well as other apps and products this coin will make waves in the crypto space.


Best of all is the strong community driven to see this company succeed, recently bombarding Elon Musk with tweets to promote the great products.

Available on few exchanges as they are fully KYC and regulation compliant you may want to begin the search and start stacking up!

Luckily if you're reading this you may know a guy, that is the guy! BlueSkyCrypto has become a distributor for NPXS!!! Through our own XPOS machine we are able to sell Bitcoin, Ether, Dai, Usdt and many other cryptocurrency for far less fee's then most the other apps and exchanges :)

Being Canadian this will certainly help Canadians get away from these crazy exchange fees! However we can sell Globally and still for less.

We are here to serve you and the community now, and for years to come on this amazing journey. Help support BlueSkyCrypto by making your next purchase with us!

Xwallet is the application to the pundix network, the wallet is KYC compliant. Once verified you can send us an email at [email protected] requesting a quote! transactions are instant both ways, paypal & etransfer accepted. 

This is not financial advice, of course DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. When finished, send that email and get some NPXS, The coin will rise! You heard it here first as we have done before.

Happy Coining!

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