Bitcoin to be worth $1,000,000

By BlueSkyCrypto | BIG NEWS | 30 Aug 2020

Things are really getting fired up in the Cryptoverse!

There has always been crazy speculative predictions tossed out by a variety of people. It's been this way from the beginning really, but something has changed, this time around it's not just speculation but there is merit, degree's, knowledge and power behind it.

Bitcoin to be worth $1,000,000 predicts Fidelity Digital Assets model.

If you don't know who Fidelity is, you should really take some time to research them. A very, very long standing company and at the absolute top in both money and influence. When it comes to investing and investment power, this firms one and only job is to make wealthy people and companies more wealth.

Fidelity has put out a 19 page report that encompasses their beliefs, views, opinions and of course statistics on Bitcoin. This is a great read and will give some insight as to why this is the fastest growing asset class and best store of value for the past decade. Fidelity has estimated that a large percentage of wealthy investors are already invested in Bitcoin specifically.

I won't go too far in depth but you should absolutely check out the report on their website!

Get that Crypto, Moon's a comin!

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