Bank of Canada, Canada's Central Banking system is PRO Cryptocurrency, or "CryptoAssets" as they like to call them. You have to read this, Global effects.

By BlueSkyCrypto | BIG NEWS | 3 Sep 2020

Man oh man, the Bank of Canada is PRO Crypto and that is an amazing thing. Let's go over why.

The Bank of Canada is the controlling entity for the Central Banking system in Canada. They have been putting out article after article highlighting Cryptocurrency, or sorry.... CryptoAssets. What they do, their roles in society, how they work, why to consider etc etc... 

They are not at all saying go buy Bitcoin but they are saying that CryptoAssets are the future and they are working towards a digital Canada.

Legal map

The sentiment is super positive and clearly they have noticed the up rise in adoption. If there was anything to know about Canadian structure is that even though we may pay a fortune in taxes, we do get a lot out of it. Well, we used to anyway. Back when they actually fixed roads and built infrastructure but times have changed dramatically. Thus, the Bank must change as well. 

With having always put it's people first Canada has remained a very strong and wealthy Country. This leads me to believe that Canada will be having one of the greatest shifts of wealth in History. Already wealthy on a statistical average this will bring a TON of inflow into Cryptocurrency. Although they may not "like" Bitcoin and other Crypto they will not have a choice but to accept it as a means of value with already 42 million active Bitcoin wallets.

They will not have a choice but to offer some suite of DeFi, or interest and savings type account. Otherwise, why even bother?

This will push CryptoAssets into Canadian mainstream, banks will be pushing information out the door and eventually I am sure they will convert all current bank values over to a digital dollar on the Blockchain whether by choice or without consent will be the question.

37.59 Million people reside in the Country of Canada. At this point the market penetration for Bitcoin is tiny. When the Bank of Canada takes the next steps we will see another surge that will surpass that of 2017. Once this happens a chain reaction of country's will be forced to dive in FOMO style.

These days are coming and it may be sooner then we think! 

Strap in, stack up.... Let's work!

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