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Question that for thousands of years has given reasons for the human being to create or destroy great wonders. All thanks to the connection that the mind has with one of the most complex organs we possess, THE BRAIN.

"The mind is like a parachute, it only works if it opens. ALBERT EINSTEIN.

Connection that creates thoughts, perceptions; constructs subjective reality through imagination.

It is very common to take advantage of free time to unleash the power of that imagination, which can be allowed to go as far as it is allowed to go. Your imagination has no limits; but if you don't train it, it becomes limited, or worse, you can be trained to limit it.

Why is it so important to understand the power of the mind?

I think this is a question you have asked yourself on several occasions. If you haven't asked it, ask it right now.

The connection of the brain with the mind gives rise to imagination. Imagining allows us to feel life and to be part of something. But here comes another question: When does the imagined become a dream? This is another big question you should ask yourself or maybe you already have.

In a previous post called CREATE YOUR DREAM REALITY WITH THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, I shared how the meaning of DREAMING has been wrongly stigmatized as synonyms that limit us. I recommend you give it a read so that what is shared here will give more shape.

I give you a short summary of the introduction and the entry I recommend: The mind and brain give rise to the ability to imagine, imagination creates dreams and dreams program the subconscious.

How do you program dreams to our subconscious? When the imagined is recreated and recreated and recreated and recreated and recreated many times in the mind. Always recreating the same thing will condition the mind, programming the subconscious, your HIGHER SELF. That is why you must take care of your thoughts, because the subconscious does not have the capacity to discern, it does not have a sense of humor, it does not understand sarcasm. This is what they call the Law of Attraction, this is how it works.

Your higher self has everything, it lacks absolutely nothing, but suffering from the limitations imposed by our physical senses and beliefs, it cannot express its wisdom correctly and fluently. That is why the mind comes into play and takes an important role in strengthening this co-creation connection.

I invite you to constantly ask yourself questions, regardless of the topic. Don't be one of those people who are in zombie mode, just waiting for life to tell them or point out the questions to think about. Don't chase the purposes of others, take the opportunity to materialize your own through the power of your mind.

What does the power of the mind allow?

Strengthen dreams, form vision, give north to freedom and realization as a unique BEING. It is through imagination that the power of the mind feeds the subconscious (it is not a feeding as such, it is a subconscious awakening, a strengthening of connection so that your inner self can be reflected in your outer self), and as we are living in a tangible reality created by energy, we must not forget to take action.

Your dreams will not come true by spending hours watching your favorite series, replaying a thousand times that movie you love so much or spending hours gossiping on social networks. Your mind creates, materializes, when you take action. Act now, act now!

When you manage to materialize that dream, you must immediately have the next one. It can be a dream related or complementary to the last one, or it can be different, but it must be bigger than the previous one. Avoid stagnation, avoid comfort.

The power of the mind allows you to visualize and prepare the goal, prepare the map to not act blindly. That map will show you the type of person you must BE to achieve success. If you aim at a goal blindfolded, you will hardly get it right. Visualizing is not the same as planning; planning often paralyzes, from experience I advise you to plan during the progress of your projects. No to luck, but without so much paperwork.

Dream, but dream big. That way you make sure you do not fall into conformism or much less remain in stagnation. Act, do not give up, great rewards and goals take time, perseverance, discipline. Your reward will come, but only if you have the courage to pay the price.

Know two important mottos in my life. Be sure to tattoo them in your mind.

  • Success is not the goal, success is the consequence of discipline.
  • Don't look for work, generate it.

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Self-learning and successful habits
Self-learning and successful habits

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