Your habits make intentions to achieve success become reality. Your dreams should not always remain pillow dreams. In this article we will share 5 habits to make intentions to success become reality.

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. James Clear.

I recommend a fantastic book by James Clear that has helped us find and work on effective habits. The book is in English and Spanish, I leave you the link below: AtomicHabits:AnEasy &ProvenWaytoBuildGoodHabits& BreakBadOnes || Atomic Habits: Small Changes, Extraordinary Results (Self-Knowledge)

You often find yourself with many resolutions for your life. Which you do not have the slightest idea of how to carry them out, much less how to initiate them. So, you start looking for information, you start reading, researching and again reading, researching; without managing to consolidate accurate information to undertake and initiate the ideas.

You fall into despair when you have nothing consolidated after so many hours of reading and research. That's when you abandon your initial ideas, abandon your dreams. You start to change and look at other projects, that in the midst of despair you see an easier execution; but when you start again and try, you fall into the same circle: read, research, read, research without consolidating something of value.

We faithfully believe that these 5 habits will get your ideas and reading started in order. And most importantly, these habits will work for you in any knowledge you wish to learn: reading and researching, but taking action.

Remember, perseverance and discipline is the secret to these 5 habits. We recommend you to read the following entries: CONSISTANCE, THE BEGINNING OF A CONSEQUENCE CALLED YOUR SUCCESS!

1- Read the same book more than once:

In this first habit it is essential that you review the reading more than once. For the reason that the brain will relate more easily the information that at first was unnoticed, reorganizing doubts that were unconsciously remaining and did not allow us to have a clear idea, as the text wanted to show us. In addition to this habit, always try to read in places where you can concentrate. Avoid places with too much noise, because if you cannot concentrate no matter how many times you read it, the noise will not help you. However, if you decide to read in noise and face it with a good attitude, you will increase your concentration.

2- Underline and make small notes by hand:

Nowadays, it is no secret that technology has affected people's performance, especially when it comes to reading. Did you know that the brain likes the physical, it likes to have control of what it is reading; it feels more comfortable scratching, taking notes, in conclusion, it likes to feel. This habit makes your brain keep more information if you take notes by hand than in your digital devices. So, what you should do is: if you are reading a physical or electronic book, you underline in some way what is important, take notes in pocket notebooks or wherever is more comfortable for you to give way to the next habit. But remember to always take notes by hand, this habit will make a big difference.

3- Reread the notes and underlining:

By taking notes or underlining the important parts of the reading, you will be able to review more easily what you have read, since you will read what is most relevant, organizing in a better way the ideas to answer the big question: How to start? And of course, this third habit goes hand in hand with the first one.

4- Prioritize the knowledge you wish to acquire:

Very often you get sidetracked in the deepening of the knowledge you want to improve, especially if you are acquiring the information from the internet world. By taking notes, it makes it easier for you to focus your reading on your objective. For that reason, you need to define the skill or knowledge with degrees of priority, allowing you to focus more on those things that will lead you to success.

5- Take action:

Apply what you have learned as soon as possible, with discipline and perseverance! This will make you understand and remember what you have done in the first three habits. To conclude we share with you an old adage that says the following: << You forget it, if you hear it. If you see it, you will remember it. But if you do it, you will understand it>>.

These habits have been of great importance for the start of this community. We hope that the 5 habits to make intentions to success become reality, will be of help to you.

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Self-learning and successful habits
Self-learning and successful habits

I like to write about self-motivation for healthier personal growth.

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