DefiBids - NFT Auctions Are Here - And More

DefiBids - NFT Auctions Are Here - And More

By ShillzAndThrillz | Bid-Blog | 24 Mar 2021


It's been a little while since I shared a DefiBids update over here at Publish0x, so for the benefit of my small handful of followers, and the rest of you beautiful people over here, I bring a variety of interesting news from the world's finest perpetual crypto-auctioning engine and platform.  Not least of which is the recent addition of NFT auctions.  

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens have been the talk of the town in the crypto-space for at least the last few months, with fortunes being made, celebrities cashing in on the craze, and much much more.  And most of you here at Publish0x should have at least some idea of what NFTs are (if not, go Google that - interesting stuff).  And as such, will understand that the addition of NFT auctions to the DefiBids platform is kind of a big deal.  Especially by those who understand that while NFTs are currently best known for such things as tokenized art, gaming assets, and music recordings.  NFTs potentially open the doorway to a lot more than just that small handful of early use-cases.  

Sticking with the trend though, the first NFTs available over at DefiBids, in their unique "lowest-unique-bid" auction format, are tokenized art NFTs.  Such as this Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin-themed art-NFT, from digital artist, Young&Sick... 


Which is actually an animated video clip from an artist who has produced work for the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Young Thug, Foster the People and Maroon 5.  And you can check it out in all of its fully animated beauty (or even place a bid to win it) HERE.  

New Tokens Added

In addition to NFT auctions making their way on to DefiBids, this past week has seen a variety of cool new tokens making their debut auctions over at DefiBids, including RARI, BAT, and HEX.  All available to be won in lowest-unique-bid auction format, meaning that users can potentially grab themselves a nice little bag of each for as little as a dollar or two...


And should you be interested in trying your luck in these, or any of the other LUB auctions currently available over at DefiBids, you can go play: HERE.

Other Points of Note

Like the idea of the auctions but not ready to drop some cash on them yet?  Well, there's currently a Twitter competition running where 10 participants can win 20 free auction credits.  So check that out if you fancy trying your luck in the auctions for free.  

I'd also be amiss if I didn't mention that this past month has seen some extremely positive price movement for the BID token, and community growth too, as more and more people discover and get on board with this interesting DeFi project... 


You can check out the full details on that side of things over at Coingecko HERE.  But if you're a hunter of "undervalued gems" in the crypto-space in which to invest.  You might want to take a look and give it some thought - though this is of course not financial advice. ;)  But DefiBids is certainly a project that's gaining momentum, acknowledgment, and moving ever forwards in the right direction.  

And I'll wrap this post with a reminder for those potentially looking to make a little extra cash (or ETH in this instance) that DefiBids has a pretty solid affiliate/referral program.  You'll have to purchase at least one auction credit over at DefiBids to unlock it, but after that you can promote and earn ETH from your conversions, paid out instantly, and forever.  So if you've got a bit of a following somewhere, this could be kind of tasty for you... 


Many thanks for reading as always.  And good luck!  :)


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