DefiBids - Janky Ass NFT Auctions - New CEX Listing - And More

DefiBids - Janky Ass NFT Auctions - New CEX Listing - And More

By ShillzAndThrillz | Bid-Blog | 3 Apr 2021


Janky Ass NFT Auctions

Following on from my recent update where I announced that NFT auctions had now arrived at DefiBids, let's kick this post off with news that some super-premium NFTs are now available to be won on DeFi's only perpetual crypto auctioning platform in the form of "Janky Ass" NFTs, from the SuperPlastic range.   SuperPlastic are kind of a big deal in the urban designer toys world, and news of their NFT offerings was featured in numerous crypto-centric news platforms, including  

These highly distinctive NFTs from one of the industry's high-end names in vinyl toys and collectibles have reportedly sold for as much as $100K during the recent NFT hype cycle.  So the chance to be able to win by partaking in DefiBids lowest-unique-bid format auctions for as little as $5 presents NFT collectors with a very real opportunity to add something special to their collections on the cheap (with a little luck also required).  


And currently there are four of these up for grabs over at DefiBids, which you can go check out HERE.  

A New CEX Cometh

In typical crypto style, news of a new CEX listing incoming came in the form of "an announcement of an announcement", so there aren't any particular details to share here at time of posting.  For those who don't know: CEX = centralized exchange (think Binance, and the like).  As of right now the BID token is only available for trading on the ETH mainnet, so can only be traded on protocols such as Uniswap.  So being listed on a CEX should bring some new attention to the BID token and platform.  And while we don't yet know which CEX this incoming listing is for, the team seem rather proud of whichever it is, and I did happen to notice the appearance of a new Korean Telegram group being formed, which leaves me to believe that the new exchange might be either Upbit, or Bitthumb.  Though we should find out for certain within the next week or so.

With the new exchange listing also being accompanied by a 250,000 token burn, and bonus 250,000 staking rewards for BID token stakers.  


BID Token Price Movement

At time of posting the BID token is still on the up price wise, in the green by over 25% for the week, and 300%+ up for the last 30 days... 


Which is always nice.  ;)

Staking Rewards Grow

And recently staking rewards have been pretty juicy too.  Over the last ~6 months, over 3 million BID tokens and just short of 10 ETH have been shared out among stakers.  Which amounts to a $ value of a little over $480K.  Or to be more precise, it averages out at $2352 worth of crypto shared out among the rewards pool per day since day one - which isn't too shabby at all for a DeFi project with a sub 2 million dollar marketcap as of right now.  


Anyways, as I move to wrap this post up, I feel like I'm forgetting something important, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is, so if you're interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest from DefiBids feel free to join the Telegram community HERE.  And/or, of course, if you've yet to check out the auctions, go take a look or have a play HERE.  

And as always, many thanks for reading.  Good luck, and happy bidding!  :)


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