Ubisoft propels its Rabbids on the blockchain

By Bichoco | BiChoco | 18 Jun 2020

For the good cause, the French video game publisher Ubisoft has decided to tokenize its Rabbids thanks to the Ethereum blockchain for the benefit of UNICEF.

Named, Rabidds Token, these NFTs (for Non-fungible token), are created on the same design as the (cute) kittens from CryptoKitties.

However, unlike CryptoKitties, you won't really own your Rabbids (Cretins). The logic of buying / selling in order to make a profit as with CryptoKitties is put aside, because the funds used to buy Rabbids Token go directly to the benefit of UNICEF. Here Ubisoft uses an innovative and fun way to raise funds for an NGO through the blockchain.


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