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By WhiteWalrus | BiblePay | 11 Oct 2020

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1. Crypto In General

2. BiblePay

3. Getting Personal

4. Brazio


6. Special Bonus – VeggieCoin

Dear BiblePay readers, we have a special Q&A with Barnyard, the owner of BiblePay currently partners with to offer faucet to those interested in joining the BiblePay cryptosphere.

Crypto In General

What was your first introduction to crypto currency or technology?

My first introduction to cryptocurrency was my friend in high school showing me Silk Road. Back then I didn’t understand the power that Bitcoin had and didn’t take much notice. Then around 2013 I was reintroduced to cryptocurrency at University, and really started to get interested in the technical side of blockchain tech.

You mentioned Silk Road, do you think anonymous purchases or illegal goods are what crypto is currently good for?

I don’t think any illegal use cases are a good idea for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency needs to gain a good reputation before there is a chance of it becoming a mainstream technology, and any illegal activity just tarnishes its reputation further.

Any real world use cases that you personally have found useful, or other use cases you’ve read about that you thought was cool?

I think the only real use-case from blockchain is as a payments system, and potentially as an asset ledger. 99% of the cryptocurrency projects we see out there are using blockchain as a marketing ploy, and would be better off from a technical perspective using a traditional centralised server model


How did you find out about BiblePay?

On, we like to get the community’s input on which coins to add into our website, so that they can have the best experience on our website. Biblepay was suggested a few times, so we decided to implement it on the site

What do you like about the BiblePay project?

Biblepay has a clear focus and use-case, so it was a no-brainer to add it to the website. I haven’t really worked with any of the guys at Biblepay. As a developer I like how easy it was to implement Biblepay on At the moment, we’re only participating in the faucet side of BiblePay.

What would you suggest to help BiblePay improve or grow?

I think that adding Biblepay to some higher profile exchanges will help give the coin legitimacy. Aside from that, more use-cases for the coin will help it grow.

Have you invited friends to also use BiblePay? 

We have almost 30,000 people on claiming and trading Biblepay. So far they seem to love the coin.

What is your BBP receive address?’s address is here: BBeircxYkqJz38ZW4UvPudCvyQWRMB9oeD

Any coins deposited will be distributed to our members

Getting Personal

Where have you been in your life?

I have been to 30 countries and counting, but my home is in Australia. Australia is like a paradise.

What country are you from? What do you like about your country?

I like to think at this stage I am Australian, but I moved over when I was younger from Europe. I love Australia’s weather and that it is a melting pot of culture.

What are you doing now? What do you do in real-life?

Right now, is my full time thing. I spend about 14 hours a day 6-7 days a week maintaining the website. We have some very exciting features coming up soon so I have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks and months.

What have you learned in life?

In the world of crypto, you have to be cynical about new projects, and do your research before investing!

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? 

I am personally a secular in my spirituality.


What is Brazio and how does freefaucet interact/work with it?

Brazio is a proof of work cryptocurrency that is used on the Freefaucet website as a payment option, and to gain experience on the website. Experience is used to increase the amount of airdrop cryptocurrency you receive each month from our mining behemoth BITFERNO.

Brazio is a proof of work cryptocurrency, which is used to power Users can tip each other on the website, and purchase more faucet claims with Brazio. In the future, we plan to add a number of features to create a stronger use-case for Brazio.

What kind of other use case are you considering for Brazio?

Brazio is going to become a reward for users on the forum we have that is currently in development. On YouTube you are rewarded financially for creating content, but there is no good solution for forum posting. Brazio will fix this problem.

How did your web site,, come to be?

Freefaucet was created by UK publicly listed company Online Blockchain. It was founded by twin-brother software developers Oskii and Barnyard, in 2017. The website offers 17 different cryptocurrencies for anybody to claim for free every day, with a new coin added every month.

How did you get interested in faucets?

As an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, I have been very interested in ways to increase the popularity and exposure of blockchain technology globally. Cryptocurrency offers a  really important use case, particularly to unbanked communities in disadvantaged areas of the world. Cryptocurrency faucets are a great way to distribute wealth and knowledge to a large amount of people, including disadvantaged communities that will benefit the most from blockchain technology.

What kind of people do you think faucets attract?

Cryptocurrency faucets are a great place for novices to learn about the different coins available, and get their feet wet in the blockchain space. Faucets tend to offer small amount of cryptocurrency in a risk free environment, which is a perfect place for laymen to educate themselves about blockchain technology. Faucets are also a great way for people in the developing world to supplement their income. Some faucet claimers claim hundreds of dollars per month from a number of cryptocurrency websites such as

Do you find faucets are effective marketing tools for crypto?

Faucets are an excellent way to market new cryptocurrencies. It is difficult for new altcoins to gain traction in the blockchain community, due to the number of new coins being created daily. Cryptocurrency projects need a large community to drive the growth and development of the project. Without a community, a blockchain project is doomed to fail. Faucets offer a great way to educate cryptocurrency users on a new project, and also provides them with a vested interest in a coin.

Do you have any interesting anecdotes you have while running the site?

Ravencoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies we implemented on At the time, we were giving away up to 1000 RVN to our free users each, 3 times per day. At the time of writing this article, the price of Ravencoin has increased so much, that 3000 RVN is worth almost $100!

How do you deal with fraud, scammers, etc?

Scammers and fraudsters are rife in the cryptocurrency community. At, we require users to complete human verification before they can claim from our highest paying faucets. We manually check each new account to ensure that all bots, hackers and scammers are banned at the IP level.

How do you pick coins for the faucet?

Normally we pick coins based on community suggestions, but we have sold a few faucets to projects that wish to advertise through us

What future plans do you have for Freefaucet?

We hope to share with as many people as possible, to help bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream, and improve the level of expertise people have in the blockchain space.

Special Bonus – VeggieCoin

note: if you have a heart for rescue animals, please support the coin or the rescue center they helped to fund.

I didn’t know you started VeggieCoin.

Yes, me and my brother.

There are some youtube videos online but at the moment the project is not being developed on. We were basically sponsoring that rescue centre, the project was started during the 2017 alt hype. We had some great success in the beginning but sadly we weren’t able to continue past the 2018 bubble burst.  



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