Poem: Reminiscence

By bhmcintosh | bhmcintosh | 7 May 2019

I'm trying here to describe the feeling tone that the heart can use to inform the recollection of a life...


A lifetime’s worth of hopes and dreams,
Pass before my inner eyes, it’s all that I can see,
As a rush of memories present themselves, in my quiet reverie,
To remind me just how short life is, however long it seems.

I hear the captured moments, like the flutter of a caged birds’ wings,
The best and worst that made me happy and also left me sad,
This montage of my life’s design, not grand but also not so bad,
Not more nor less than who I am, the sum of all those things.

Something catches in my heart, that pang that reminiscence brings,
That twinge of something from the past, of something left behind,
Like half-remembered music, not quite clearly brought to mind,
A song of feeling more than words, my aching heart so sweetly sings.



The image is used courtesy of a Creative Commons license, and is originally from here.

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I've written some poetry (currently posted on Steemit) and would like to explore more creative writing in the future.


I'm interested in poetry. Unless otherwise stated, all poems I post are my own, original works: Copyright © B.H. McIntosh.

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