Society Grinds to a Halt as COVID-19 Leads to Headlines Straight out of The Walking Dead

Society Grinds to a Halt as COVID-19 Leads to Headlines Straight out of The Walking Dead

By bettercallpaul | Better Call Paul | 15 Mar 2020

Police State Emergency Powers Granted to Governments Across the World in the Wake of COVID-19 Coronavirus Spread

Right Now, as it Happens, on...


[9:59 PM EST |  Jacksonville, Florida  |  Originally Writter 03/14/2020; Re-Published for Morning Edition 03/15/2020]

Folks, it's happening right now, as I type this on an eerie Saturday night from Jacksonville, Florida.  The governments of the world have used the coronavirus pandemic declaration to turn our headlines into the backstory from The Walking Dead.  Worldwide emergency declarations have given broad and sweeping powers to the executive branches of government in so many nations across the world.  In the United States, places like New Rochelle, New York have placed entire neighborhoods on quarantine.  

To me, this seems like a test-run to see how fast the current "emergency management" protocols could be initiated with compliance from the citizenry.  Overnight, we have turned into a police state without the constitutional protections written into the founding documents of our nation.  Because of the emergency declaration, the rights in the constitution are effectively surrendered, and the text of the Executive Order that is the legal basis for these emergency powers plainly states that the President (through FEMA) can take control of the nations transportation, railways, industry, shipping yards, and any other vital infrastructure that is important to everyday life in America.  

Those of use who have voiced objection to these emergency orders over the years were met with criticism and called conspiracy theorists.  We were told that they were for our own good and would only be enacted in the most dire of circumstances in order to "save as many American lives as possible." 


World Markets Contract, Lose Billions.


Like everyone else, I've seen the warning stories online about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting world markets, but it wasn't until today that I personally noticed the changes to everyday life... 

So, let me tell you how it started for me.... 

It was about 6:30 AM this morning -- Saturday, March 14, 2020 -- and I was on my way to the office and I decided to stop at Wal-Mart, like I usually do, to grab a coffee at the built-in McDonald's.  I do this because they are open, and besides a couple of other gas stations and a CVS, are generally my only option that early.  

Well, first I noticed that the CVS was closed.  This CVS never closes, not even in the middle of a hurricane.  This jarred me.  So, I said that Wal-Mart would certainly be open, and went there to see a closed Wal-Mart -- one that never closes from 6:00 AM til midnight except on Christmas Day.  None of the gas stations were open either.   

I later made it to Wal-Mart to note empty aisles of anything that was shelf-stable, as well as paper goods like toilet paper.  There was zero toilet paper anywhere.  I am unsure why the spike in toilet paper sales, but they are happening at an alarming rate that surpasses anything I've ever seen, even in the middle of a hurricane zone.  It's really, really strange.  

Then, my mom called and asked me if our church was closed, too, as hers is.  Yes, it is.  All of our churches are closing.  All of our public schools are closing.  The Sports industry collectively died at the same time, as did long-held music festivals, tours, and concerts.  Airports across the country are empty as travel restrictions have been enacted.  

...Then, I came home and started catching up on the day. 

I was met with this... 


The news of the day tells us of the drastic steps that have been enacted to "combat the spread of the virus."  Wal-Mart has shortened its hours and closed many of its stores.  Georgia postponed its presidential primary elections.  Think about that.  Elections in the State of Georgia, of the United States of America, were just suspended until further notice.  

If there was any other hint that our constitutional rights are now rather meaningless -- the foundation of our representative republic has been suspended.  

But that's not all, not by a long shot. 

Israel and Spain have restricted the free movement of people.  Think about that.  This likely means that there are heavily armed police or soldiers with armored personnel carriers driving down their city streets in both of these nations, essentially turning the controlled areas into an open-air prison.  

France is closing restaurants and cafes.  France, with arguably one of the world's most-loved cuisines, is shutting down restaurants and cafes.  

German cities as well as cities across the United States have shut down public venues, public schools and universities, and political events.  

World Begins to Shut Down As Governments Curtail Civil Rights to "Combat Coronavirus."


Just how easy it has been to radically change everyday American life has been alarming to me and just about everyone I speak to about the issue.  It appears as though it will be likely to see National Guard troops patrolling neighborhoods that are under quarantine very, very soon.  

Some outlets have issued editorials in which the writers warn that the US may take even more drastic curtailing of free movement, including restriction of movement from state-to-state and within municipalities.  Work life is changing for millions of people around the world as well.  

Everyone, please take note of what it happening here.  You are witnessing an event that will change the world.  President Trump made a statement today that, although his team had not yet discussed it, he was considering restricting domestic travel in addition to stopping foreigners from entering at all.  

Such a statement cannot be misconstrued.  To restrict physical movement in the United States to combat a virus that causes an illness that is about as severe as some flu strains, with mortality rates and risk groups begin the same elderly, young children, and those with weakened immune systems.  

Every politician in the world will tell you that they will "never let a good crisis go to waste."  This is so, so true.  The citizenry has been ultra-compliant with the restrictions being placed on us.  They are seeing how fast they can yank our lives our from under us before we start to push back.  I am so terribly sad for humanity that we have allowed the trumped-up fear machines to scare us into giving up our constitution without so much as a struggle.  

Pandemic Will Play a Huge Role in Mass Adoption Finish Line.  

One of the most telling signs of the things to come has been how fast the COVID-19 crisis has turned the massive boats and battleships that are the world's central banks from calling cryptocurrencies worthless magic internet money to drafting policy statements, such as the one issued by the UK's Bank of England, which state clearly the fact that there will very soon be a legal-tender CBDC in the United Kingdom.  Bye-bye Pound Sterling.  Hello E-Pound.  


I have never been a fan of the idea of centralized blockchains.  They go against everything the idea of a distributed ledger system is.  They are essentially just centralized database ledgers, nothing more.  But the power of the blockchain can be turned against us, and having the government controlling any blockchain technology is dangerous.  They are using this pandemic to turn mass adoption away from decentralized cryptocurrencies to centralized CBDCs, and I'm afraid that folks are going to go for it.  

They would suggest less volatility than current cryptos, but volatility is one of the things that make this so exciting of a frontier.  It's like the new gold rush, and some will make their fortunes while others lose everything.  Brand new technology is volatile and disruptive by nature, so wouldn't the most world-changing technology in ages be volatile during its initiation?  I digress... 

Some have even reported that they believe this to be a ruse to initiate a "currency reset."  This is in-line with our fears about CBDCs as well, as a currency reset would likely see USD lose its status as world's reserve and a basket of strong reserves would likely replace it.  Then, a push for a unified currency for the entire world will begin.  


In The End...

I'll close with this, because this has turned from an editorial into a commentated rant of sorts.  People, please, do not go quietly into that night.  For those of us in the United States -- we are Americans, and however fragile our rights are, we are taught from birth, just about, that we have inalienable rights.  Now, they are using this virus as a pretext to change our lives in a split second.  A source I was speaking to today was convinced that this will be a pretext to disarm the citizenry, as well. 

The fears have been so visibly palpable no matter where I have gone or who I have spoken with.  The ones telling us not to panic are the same ones that are enacting these massive restrictions on the worldwide populace.  The powerbrokers of the world are right in the middle of this thing -- believe it now or just go back to sleep!  They are using public fear, misconception, and out right ignorance to steer the ship in the direction that they want it to go.  We are naive if we think this has been or will be any different.  

But it's happening fast, everyone.  Really f-ckin' fast.  This was the scene at a major US airport today, as confusion was rampant over mandatory screenings for returning citizens and other arrangements that have been made to try to comply with the travel restrictions.  


We have no idea how this is going to end -- if this is a test run to see how fast it can be done without much public outrage or if it is the real deal, and life will be forever changed.  Right now, though, the police state framework has been initiated.  We will start seeing an increased police and other government agency presences.  In areas where there have been "hot spots" -- large numbers of positive coronavirus patients in a certain area -- full-on quarantine enforced by troops may be enforced.  We really are in unprecedented territory since disease outbreaks like Polio plagued our societies.  

My only hope is that we, as a nation and as a people, always look suspiciously when a government tries to curtail any of our rights.  Unfortunately, we've not said much about it during this pandemic, and that scares me if the restrictions start getting over-the-top.  

Be prepared, stay safe, and as always...

Deo Volente, 

W. Paul Alexander 






Winner of the Publish0x 100K writing contest, I am a seasoned freelance creative writer with over a decade of writing and journalism experience. I love to write, cook, and learn new things. I look forward to contributing relevant content.

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