Exposing CryptoScams:  CoronaCoin
Exposing CryptoScams:  CoronaCoin

By bettercallpaul | Better Call Paul | 2 Apr 2020

Exposing CryptoScams:  CoronaCoin

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A Special COVID-19 Pandemic Scam Report


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[JACKSONVILLE, FL - 04/02/2020]  

It has come to my attention that there is a new scam coin out there, and this one is absolutely deplorable.  

Called CoronaCoin, this shameful project aims to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.  

It appears that this is another Exit Scam designed to steal the money that people invest.  These people have used the scientific designation (nCoV) for their scam coin's ticket (NCOV).  Their website calls them 


"A viral coin that coincides with an actual virus."  

Google Chrome gives the following error when trying to access their homepage: 


There's not a bunch know about this coin yet, but it is clear that they are trying to profit from human misery.  They claim this is not the case, and they claim to use the CoronaCoin name as homage to the Corona or Crown -- a centuries-old gold coin no longer in circulation.  

I will update this post the more I find out about this, but I thought it was necessary to go ahead and get this preliminary scam report to shine a light on these scammers! 

They will also be added to the master list of CryptoScams....which turn into articles like this:  Top 10 Cryptoscams Exposed.  

If you have had any interaction with these guys, please feel free to leave information in the comments section.  

Until next time....stay safe and at home!  


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