CryptoTab Browser -- A Very Promising Project

CryptoTab Browser -- A Very Promising Project

By bettercallpaul | Better Call Paul | 1 Dec 2019

CryptoTab Browser -- A Very Promising Project


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What is CryptoTab? 

So, it is very rare that I share a referral link, but over the course of the past 2 days, I have completely become enamored with the CryptoTab browser.  

It is a fork of Chromium (Google Chrome's open source core code) that passively mines Bitcoin in the background while you are surfing and using the site.  Now, that's nothing new -- there have been passive browser miners for a couple of years now, but nothing like this.  

CryptoTab uses a multi-level marketing approach to their growth.  They allow you to build out a team/network of 10 people, for which you get a 15% share of their mined earning.  Each of your team members can build their network out 10 spots, and those can do the same thing until you reach 10 levels out.  This means that, if you were to successfully build out each level to the maximum, you would make thousands of dollars per day.  

Realistically, you will not build it out that far, but if you have an online presence, you should be able to build your network out with a good amount of residual incoming bitcoin.  

To get started, simply follow this link to download the browser and join my team:

The installation process is almost identical to that of Google Chrome, and you can access the Chrome Web Store to use any browser extension that you would use with Chrome.  

Once you install, you will be greeted with a welcome landing page that looks like this: 

CryptoTab Start Landing Page

Image Credit - Better Call Paul 2019 

Boosting Your Earnings

Now, we've already mentioned that you will be passively mining crypto in the background while you are using the browser.  However, there are some tools that will allow you to get a "speed boost" for a limited amount of time.  This speed boost is described as allowing the boosted account to benefit from some of the profit from CryptoTab's cloud mining farm.  It boosts your mining speed by up to 10x what it is normally, and it works.  

You are allowed one speed boost per day as default, but you can get extra boosts by using the browser, by using the CryptoTab search engine (defaulted by the browser at installation, so all you have to do is enter search terms in the address bar, and you will shortly be awarded more access to the cloud-based speed boost.  

Is it Legitimate? 

One of the most major concerns with any crypto project is the legitimacy of said project.  Surely so many of us remember BitConnect -- the coin that was once valued at over $600 that crashed to insolvency over the course of a week.  But BitConnect, at its core, was a Ponzi scheme, so it was destined to fail.  We see so-called shitcoins being issued for the sole purpose of quick moneymaking through the practice of pump-and-dump, with the buyers on the "dump" side being stuck with billions of worthless coins. 

CryptoTab is not a scam.  People get paid and there is an entire ecosystem out there including YouTube video tutorials that aim to guide newcomers through the process of making money w/the browser.  It's philosophy is very similar to the Brave/BAT project, in that you are getting passively paid to devote your attention to publishers using their browser.  Brave also has a referral process, although it is rather different that the CryptoTab system, but then again, if it were exactly the same -- what would be the point? 


So, to sum it all up -- with CryptoTab -- so far, so good.  I have been using it for a couple of days, and I will have already reached the withdrawal threshhold (which is completely reasonable), and that is without any people on my team.  Hopefully, when you guys read this, you will take 5 minutes of your time to use my referral link to join my team, download the browser, and get started on your own. 

Bottom Line:  There are hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made using the CryptoTab system, so why not get yourself a piece of the pie? 

Again, the link to join my team is here:  For everyone that joins my team and starts using CryptoTab, I will gladly join any project using that person's referral link.  

I have probably never endorsed a project as excitedly as I am with CryptoTab.  I did endorse BAT, which was my first public endorsement of a crypto project, but CryptoTab actually has the capability to allow us to grab a huge piece of the financial pie -- especially those who do the work that is required to grow an build a network. 

Cheers to all -- until next time! 


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