Update July 7nd - consistency is king

By CryptoNik | Betfury insights | 7 Jul 2021

Today we see stable div payments on Betfury again.

APR: 92.82%
$/1k BFG: $0.0670
At the moment of writing the BFG price is $0.022633482. Todays Div payment was $0.0000670 per BFG, which means an APR of 92.82% 

Dividends payed out: $88,828.39
Daily change: $+3,586.76 / +4.21%
We see crypto prices recover a bit. Furthermore there is a 9.47% increase in the TRX pool as well as an 2.19% increase in the BNB pool. USDT is stable again at -0.4% and BTC is dropping a bit further -1.72%
ETH also declined a bit with -1.07% and BTT with -4.74%




Staked BFG: 1,326,428,802
Staked BFG daily change: 1,534,328
Total mined: 2,858,022,334
Total mined daily change: 3,564,884
Total circulation change: +4,697,571

Staked BFG increase is quite low, as well as the mining rate of the past few days (fell to below 4 mil). With divs keeping up this can only mean people are using sports betting more and this is compensating nicely for the 'miners' who probably left with current BFG price below mining cost. 




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Betfury insights
Betfury insights

Regular analysis of the crypto gambling site Betfury. By playing on Betfury you gain BFG tokens, which will be rewarded with daily dividend payments. We'll analyse the platform and dividend payments on this blog

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