Betfury challenge - starting from scratch

By ExoNick | Betfury challenge | 21 Sep 2021

So i decided to start a blog about my journey.

Couple of months ago i started searching oportunities to earn some free crypto. I found tons of rubbish projects and faucets promissing lots of money just by spending some time making tasks. Of course all of them were worthless. I've watched lots of youtube videos about passive income but most of them required You to actualy put into it some of your money. That wasn't an option for me. Yes I'm investing in crypto also but with a proper caution. This one is more like a challenge asking me one question: Do we have a possibility to earn some serious money without investing money?

So finaly I've found a few sites that look promissing at the moment and one of them is Betfury. It's more like internet casino where You can put some of Your crypto on bet. If You are lucky enough You can win some serious prizes but obviously risk is a risk and mostly You just wager Your precious money. Probably You will ask where is this oportunity to earn free money? Well, betfury has its own faucet giving You a small amount of free crypto to use it in games. It's not much but hey no one said that it will be easy :). 

The reason that i thing it is worth trying is a special option of Betfury. While playing games and wager money You can earn its native token called BFG. It takes lots of time to earn it but eventualy it can give You couple of options. First one is token farming. You can trasfer all Your earned BFG tokens to BetFury farm to earn rewards. Seccond one is staking dividend. After gathering 10 BFG tokens every day You will be paid a small amount of crypto as dividend. More tokens means more dividend paid. There is also a cashback option but at the beginning it is only 1% of total lost money that You depositet or earned through gameplay.

So is it a good way to earn real money? Lets find out.


Ive started playing Betfury a month ago using every oportunity to take my free boxes and use it in play. My score so far? Not impresive:

BFG tokens: 6.61670

Progress to next account level: 1% (total wager 30.4030336 USDT)

Estimated earnings per day: less than 1 cent

I will not give up :)

Thats all for now. I will try to post my progress on betfury. If You want to start playing betfury please use my referral link 



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Betfury challenge
Betfury challenge

Blog about my road to money on betfury

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