New season on bitmonds - luxury crypto concept

By NinoPi | BestTipWay | 9 Dec 2019

WOW !!!


Exceeded in these hours the 30,000 Bitmonds generated. Thank you all!
Small digital diamonds have been spotted in 23 different countries.

This time we opted for a gift for everyone.
Until 20.00 (Greenwitch UTC Time!) On Tuesday 10 December:

Gift commissions will be reduced to only 10 euro cents
Marketplace purchase commissions will be reduced to 2%, with a minimum of 0.50 euro cents

In a few weeks this first collection of Bitmonds will no longer be generated.
Who wants a Bitmonds Dexter or Agent Smith will have to look for it "used".

The second collection is ready, and according to those who have seen it is fantastic!
Each color will have its own story to tell.

A few weeks later, an Album will also be released, with which to keep track of the missing Bitmonds.

We will then introduce VERY important awards and constant benefits for those who will complete this first collection, an exclusive club of Bitmonds collectors in the world.
Some Bitmonds of lower purity could be so opportunities.

Get last available diamonds clicking here!

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