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Prague tour guide


The Czech Republic is a big country, especially Prague, where Prague opened, there are beautiful cities and today it is a romantic city and I had a chance to go to Prague. There are many places to visit. I prefer you to go. The places in the photos below are literally a perfect look





1) Prague Castle






2) Karl Bridge






3) Old Town Square






4) Dancing house



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Best of Istanbul my  Travel Guide & Tips
Best of Istanbul my Travel Guide & Tips

If you want istanbul travel, you must read this blog. Istanbul is a city you absolutely must see for yourself. Istanbul is so unique and unlike any other city. It is literally a collision of two worlds – the European continent meets the Asian continent and creates a fusion, that is Istanbul. cultures are easy to see and enter. You warmed up quickly to the turkey's culture İS İSTANBUL A SAFE PLACE ? yes, istanbul is a safe place and a city that protects its cultural heritage and its people are

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