ESFaucet – My strategy to increase my reward !!

As last post was interesting for you, I decided to post how I work ESFacuet every day to increase my cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can see my last post !

And if you don’t know about ESFaucet, you can register here (and you help me being a referral J):

Daily bonus

It is a basic thing to do. You have to claim your faucets at least once to increase your bonus by a 1% every day. If you want to win with this faucet, you cannot forgive this as it will increase a lot your reward (I have now more than 60% in every claim).

ES-Coin Bonus

This is the second interesting point, on which you increase your bonus depending the amount of ES-coins you have (this is the in game Token). I recommend you to spend one or two month accumulating different cryptocurrencies and exchange them by ES-coin as you will increase a lot your rewards. It seems though and hard, but this faucet will give you really good rewards if you have a good bonus (here I have a 65% more of EVERY claim).


This is the third bonus we have. It is not as high as the other (every level you win a 0.25% more, but it’s something). You can win EXP points by claiming faucets and doing tasks. You don`t have to worry about this, as you will see that you increase the level if you are active here. It is also important as you can unlock different cryptocurrencies depending on your level.

Daily and weekly tasks

This is the last point. You can do different tasks to increase your EXP-level. First, you can see a set of 4-5 videos of 1 minute and you can win more than 500 ES-coins for every one (and EXP). Then, you can see PTC ads on which you win satoshis (a good amount). And every week you can claim 1000 ES-Coins (+ ES bonus you have). You can also mine ES-coins with your computer if you want.

So, in 15 minutes every day you can do all these tasks and you will see how you increase your rewards. Of course you are not gonna be rich with ES-Faucet, but if you combine this faucets with others that you can work daily (and that I will show soon), you can win a good amount of cryptos. See you soon, and work this faucet !!



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