Top 10 Crypto for 2021

Top 10 Crypto for 2021

By bmvtyea | Bernie-flow | 31 Dec 2020

My final post from the year, and i decided to share with you guys the coins that i'm going to have a closer look, please share any coins that you guys are interest on. 

All of the cryptos below are projects that i'm interested and still learning from several places.

My top 10 crypto are:

1- BTC - Of course the most known crypto is always nice to have some in your wallet.

2- ETH - The second most known crypto and has lots of use it.

3- Dash - It's becoming more useful everyday.

4- YFI - low marketcap and might grow

5- Link - It's growing and the developers are expanding a lot it's importance.

6- ADA - Huge opportunity of comebacking at it's ATH.

7- BNB - The binance coin it's growing and might have some use besides binance.

8- Zcash - Very similar to dash

9- ZEN - I'm studying a lot it's project, might develop later!

10- Stellar - low price and a nice market cap!

I'm the kind of guy that like having a nice amount on trustworthy coins and  a few percentage on risk. So I'm putting 70% on BTC, ETH and DASH, 30% on mid-high risk coins. 

Please let me know if you would exchange a coin for another or even increase one!



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