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The journey of a Brazilina newbie to start in Crypto

By bmvtyea | Bernie-flow | 28 Nov 2020

This is my first post here and I finally had some courage to start this blog! So i'm not very familiar with some of the vocab, but im learning and improving with some blogs here.

So, to start i don't have much financial conditions to keep buying and investing, so i've been researching for the past 1-2 years to multiply my portfolio and i've found some really good advice with some real opportunities from some bloggers. As i said i don't have much conditions to buy crypto so as a solution to solve this issue i began using faucets as an alternative to this. I know i could try mining, but my pc is not that good and the energy bill increased significantly when i tryed (if someone has some advice about it, please let me know).

My experience with faucets in the beggining were really good, however i had understood that to withdraw or to create a significant amount of coins would take so much time and effort that i began to doubt if it was worth it.

The first faucet that i've began using was Freebitcoin (I imagine many users are familiar with it) and my first withdraw was 4-5 months after my first claim and to be honest was the minimum value. Afterwards, the joy to finally make some value of this huge effort, i began calculating that i would actually need years to make 1 BTC, and nobody wants that. To make some money with faucets you need consistancy. Consistancy is key to everything that you do with your life, however if you keep grinding on something and that thing is wrong, you won't achieve results.

So i began searching for a way to boost my earnings in faucets and so appeared the magical thing named Referrals. The thing is when you do this by yourself you get some return, but when you have some referrals you can finally escalate your earnings. As mentioned before it took 4-5 months after my first claim, when i began grinding to achieve more referrals it took me 1 month to withdraw, after 3 months on grinding them i could finally pay my first bill with it!

In future posts I will show some of my strats to earn yourself some referrals.


The faucet mentioned before is Freebitcoin

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Young Brazilian newbie in Crypto


Trying to inspire those who doesn't have some financial conditions, such as myself, to growth a nice portfolio.

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