BLOCKFI changes rates on BTC and ETH!!

By bmvtyea | Bernie-flow | 29 Mar 2021

As the market keeps quite volatile and those crypto price worth keeps changing on a constant base so BlockFi released a statement regarding the changes on the interest rates for BTC and ETH! Those changes will be effective on the 1st of April (2021)!

As BlockFi states:

Almost all clients will continue earning the same rates on their crypto and will be unaffected by the changes. BlockFi will make the following adjustments.


Interest rates!


After informing the new APY, BlockFi continues to explain why they are making those changes as you can see below:

These adjustments are part of BlockFi’s ongoing mission to continue delivering high-quality, long-term service for our clients while expanding our innovative product offering in a competitive and scalable way. 

And they say that they kept those rates steady for a big period of time and the interest that are paid for the costummers are based on the yeld that they generates based on the amount that are lent, that are corelated that financial institutions are willing to pay/borrow for some crypto assets and of course it may vary.



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