Want to Work at Tesla? I Can Help! #RecruitingCall
work at tesla

Want to Work at Tesla? I Can Help! #RecruitingCall

By Ben Wehrman | BenWehrman.com | 30 Oct 2020


Boy do I have an exciting opportunity to share with you all today.

I'll cut straight to the chase. As I briefly covered in my previous post, I recently nabbed a job at the most exciting company in the world. And thus, I now have internal access to the employee referral program, allowing me to refer job-hunters directly to the Tesla hiring team (skipping the entire line of people using the careers site).


Why bring this up on a community platform like Publish0x?


Quite simply, because I freaking LOVE you all, and I've seen more than a handful of sharp, tech-minded folks in here. Plus, full-disclosure, I receive a bonus on my paycheck if I bring on a referral and they stay with the company for 1 year. So, if you've got the type of background and experience that you think would be valuable for Tesla, then read on!


Here's how this will work:

Since I have the ability to email the Tesla recruiting department directly, I'll just need you to answer a few questions to fill me in on why you're worthy of a direct referral. I've included the main questions needed for vetting below- simply answer the following questions in a comment for this post (or if you prefer a more private route, feel free to DM me on Instagram: @where_man or Twitter: @benwehrman).


1. Which field(s) are you most interested in/qualified for? (Below is a list of the most common roles Tesla is hiring for. Select any that apply, or add your own):

  • Engineer (electrical, software, other)
  • Sales, Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Roofer
  • Surveyor
  • Mechanic
  • Recruiter
  • Electrician


2. Detailed Summary of your Professional Background


Over 3+ years of experience in staffing and recruiting. Specializing in both technical, non technical and contingent workforce management. Tasked with spear heading multiple projects resulting in refining SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and partnering with key stake holders in long term recruitment practices. Client and customer focused to deliver the best possible experience to the consumer.


3. Location Preference

Let me know your preferred country, city, openness to relocation, etc.


4. Personal info

For this part, I wouldn't recommend posting it into the comment section for the world to see--DM these to me on Instagram: @where_man or Twitter: @benwehrman.

  • Name (first/last)
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Link to Resume



That's all I need!

Obviously, this is a bit of a leap of faith since I haven't met any of you in person--but I trust there are plenty of highly-qualified folks in the Publish0x community that I can trust enough to send up the chain of command.

Now, before I start going around promising everyone a job, let me be clear: I worked as a Technical Recruiter in a previous job, so I've gotten quite proficient at vetting strong candidates from a quick look at a resume. So please make sure your resume is well-refined before sharing it with me.


Looking forward to seeing your responses!



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PS: If you'd prefer to chat directly on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me HERE.


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