Upland: From Visitor To Uplander And Even More, A Guide For Rookies

By ben06x | ben06x | 24 Apr 2022

Blockchain-based game, Upland virtual property metaverse enables to acquire pieces of land mapped to real-world plots of land through true ownership of NFT property. By being a digital landowner, users can build structures, trade and earn rent on their properties.

Upland is currently mapped to lands in the following U.S. cities:

  • San Francisco
  • Fresno
  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Oakland
  • Staten Island
  • Bakersfield
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Santa Clara
  • Rutherford
  • Kansas City
  • New Orleans
  • Nashville
  • Bronx
  • Los Angeles
  • Detroit
  • Queens

Initial development started in 2018, because of a late-night Monopoly game and an era where digital collectibles based on blockchain technology started to grow, then released in 2019, Upland has attracted more and more players others the years and currently counts more than 100k active players. However, among that number, it is likely that some still struggle to get rid of their visa by going from Visitor to Uplander, because of not really understanding the mechanic of the game. Therefore, the following highlights will enhance the ways to build wealth in Upland as a rookie.




How To Build Wealth In Upland When Starting?

If you have not joined Upland yet, or if you already have but have not really played it a lot, the following highlights may be worth the read.


Join Upland Through A Referral Link

First off, it is important to start well in the game and to do so, it is important to join Upland through a referral link! By doing so, you will not start with an empty wallet or a normal bonus, but with 6,000 UPX (worth 6$), corresponding to the double from a normal bonus, that you will use to purchase your first properties. A great referral link would be the one provided by Publish0X.


By the way, the UPX token is a utility token used in Upland to buy collectibles and can only be traded within its ecosystem. Roughly, 1,000 UPX is worth 1$. You can see all the details in Upland store.


Choose The Correct City To Start

Upland is currently mapped to U.S. city lands only, being the ones mentioned previously. It is important not to start in a city that has been released for several months because lots of the properties may already have been bought by players, leading to scarcity and high price. Detroit or Queens would be a good start, because numerous properties have not been bought there yet.



Daily Login To Upland

In the first days of your registration, a daily login bonus will grant you free UPX, do not miss it.



Choose The Correct Properties To Buy

There are two sorts of properties in upland, minted properties, that are owned by users, and unminted properties, that have not been bought by any user yet. According to what the properties are, their color may not be the same:


Gray properties: properties that your block explorer cannot see because it is too far from them. They can ever be locked properties, not open for minting by the developers of the game, or unminted properties, land that no one has bought yet.

Bright green properties: properties that are in range of your block explorer and that have not been minted by any user yet.

Dark green properties: properties minted and owned by other players which are for sell.

Light blue properties: properties minted and owned by other players.

Dark blue properties: properties minted that you own.


When being a rookie in the game, the best thing to do is to first buy bright green properties, properties that have not been minted by any user yet, that will make you become the first owner. These properties are less expensive that properties already minted by users, usually people buy at the best price and sell at a higher price.

Moreover, these unminted properties can be Fair Start Act (FSA) properties, which are generally less expensive than non-FSA properties and that are exclusively reserved for new players (Visitors and Uplanders).


Fee From Visiting Your Properties

Each time players move in the city and stop at one of your properties, you will earn a visiting fee from around 5 UPX to 100 UPX regarding the amount you set.


I personally tend to put a visitor fee from 40 to 60 UPX.


Complete Collections

Collections are a series of properties matching certain criteria, that grant a one-time UPX reward and a UPX yield boost on the earnings of the properties associated with the collection. There are different tiers of collections: standard (blue), limited (purple), exclusive (orange), rare (red) and ultra rare (yellow).


Sample of Brooklyn collections

As a rookie, you first need to concentrate on standard (blue) and limited (purple) because the others may be too expensive to complete. Some simple collections may be the following:

  • Newbies: own any 1 property in upland (standard), ~800 UPX bonus, and a 1.1x boost on properties earning
  • King of the street: own 3 properties on the same street (standard), ~950 UPX bonus, and a 1.3x boost on properties earning
  • City Pro: own 5 properties in the same city (limited), ~1,200 UPX bonus, and a 1.4x boost on properties earning



By doing the previous highlights mentioned, you should go from Visitor to Uplander easier than if you have not.


Sell Properties

Now that you are an Uplander, you can put on sell on the marketplace your properties. Adopting this strategy is a great way to earn UPX because you buy at a low price and sell at a higher price.

You can do the following calculation to know what would be the neighborhood value, to better understand the status of the neighborhood where your properties are located:


Where UP² size represents the size of the property in the real world: 1 UP² = 9 meters².

Moreover, when putting a property on sale, it is important to compare it to other players' properties for sale near it, to know what would be a good price:

  • UP² size
  • neighborhood
  • FSA or non-FSA
  • scarcity of the city
  • price asked by others near your properties


Different properties price asked by players in the neighborhood

To be noted that as a seller, 5% sales fee will be withdrawn from the price of the sale, therefore you will receive 95% of the price paid.


Earn Rent On Your Properties

While your properties are held, even when put on sale, you earn a rent regarding the minting price of each property. The yield is around 14.7% annual income on your property minting price.

You can do the following calculation to know what would be the passive monthly earnings of your properties, without the bonus for completing any collection:




Hodl On To Your Properties

If you do not have a lot of time to play the game or to wait for the price of your assets to increase (as in the crypto market), keeping your properties will bring scarcity in the city where they are located, because most of the time lots of or all of the properties may already have been bought by players in big cities or those that has been released for several months such as Brooklyn and Manhattan.


So, if you are not in a hurry, just HODL.


Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunts are a great way to earn UPX, but is a bit difficult to master. A standard treasure hunt costs 100 UPX, but each day a spawn free hunt is available. To find a treasure, you have a short period of time to send your block explorer on minted properties across the city, where you will get directional clues on the treasure position. 



Note that each time you send your block explorer on someone else's properties, you will have to pay a visiting fee and have enough Sends. Therefore, when doing treasure hunting, it would be a good thing to have properties spread across the city.



When referring Upland to others, both of the referrer and referral will get a 50% bonus of the tokens purchased by the referral through the store



Build Structures

If your properties have a structure, they can be sold significantly higher than without one.


To do so, you will need Spark token, a utility token used in Upland ecosystem to build a structure on properties. According to the number of Spark you have, the time required to build the structure varies.



Rent Spark

A lot of users are interested in Spark to build their structures. However, this utility token is a bit rare, leading to time to construct a structure on properties a bit long. A way for users to reduce this construction time is by borrowing spark from others while paying interest in UPX. Therefore, if you have some Spark that you do not use, you can rent them here and earn UPX in return.




Sell Block Explorers

When you move forward in the game and increase your Upland status, it is likely that you would get new block explorers. Some of them will be available for sell from players to players or by being put on sell in someone's shop explorer.


Example of custom block explorer, earned when achieving Director status, that you could sell


Join The Upland Discord

A good way to know more about Upland ecosystem is through the Upland discord server. Ask questions, read people's thoughts and their tips and suggestions.





Final Thoughts

It may be hard to understand how Upland works at first, but by watching some videos, reading posts, joining Upland's community and playing, the mechanic of the game will be easier to understand. Even though the game was released in 2019, more and more players have joined the Upland universe each year as early adopters, but do not miss to be part of it as you could still be in the early majority because the developers are always working hard to develop this ecosystem so that it is very likely that the community will keep on growing in the years to come.

If you have not joined Upland yet, or if you already have but have not really played it a lot, I hope the previous highlights will help you and enhance the ways to build wealth in Upland as a rookie.

P.S.: do not hesitate to read my previous post about Upland in Paris.


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