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Travala(AVA) payout looks nice

By belemo | belemo | 22 Jan 2021

Thanks to shilling activities from people like @trumpman and @empoderat, I decided to invest a little bit into Travala through AVA.


The plan was to earn monthly dividend from staking the coin but what started out slowly has moved really fast to where we are today. On a coin basis, AVA has been doing relatively well in the market and has already put me in the green side of life.

I bought the token when it was around $0.76 and now it has almost doubled that value, as it stands at $1.35. In my opinion, the coin looks like it is going to be a solid $5 coin in the future and will be breaking into the top 20 coins at some point.

Other than the price movement, I also earned a little bit from staking AVA in the Smart Lock program. Staking the coin offers the advantage of getting fee waivers for bookings and whatnot. Also, staking the coin puts you in the position to earn a monthly dividend.

In my first month, I earned 5 AVA, which currently values around $8 and also earned 4 Travel credit. Each travel credit costs $1 and they can also be used for flight booking.

I don't have any international travel plans for the year but it could come in handy in the near future. I'll increase my AVA staked whenever the bear market hits and then continue building in silence. Just the way I like it.

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