Testing The Waters

By belemo | belemo | 6 Jul 2019

Hello ladies and Gentlemen of the PublishOx land, I'm the new guy in the building and it is a pleasure to be here. My name is Belemo and I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite of the lot is writing, writing about anything that interests me. 


I'm a 26 year old Nigerian studying for a masters in Aircraft Engineering. I don't like taking long walks on the beach and i don't have a dog. I like sea food, fried snail, chips and alcohol.


I intend to participate in the activities of this community through my write ups about a varying set of topics that includes Blockchain/cryptocurrency, football, reviews, short stories, musings and any other thing i feel like writing. I may also dabble with video content creation and share photos of places and things that interest me. I will not be posting content in the NSFW category or anything offensive. I look forward to participate in the activities of this platform. My other profiles where i write and share my thoughts about a bunch of issues are 





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Writer| Promoter| Content Creator| Activist| Student of life| dreamer| Engineer


I write about anything that Interests me

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