Hurricane Heist Review: The truck stole the show

Hurricane Heist Review: The truck stole the show

By belemo | belemo | 6 Feb 2020



hat do you get when you have a Hurricane, two small town boys, a kick-ass blondie and a truckload of money? You get a blandish action movie with a predictable plot and numerous cliches. Hurricane Heist is an action/thriller directed by Rob Cohen and written by Jeff Dixon and Scott Windhauser, and features some good old fashioned gun battles, betrayal and the heroes riding into the sunset with a blondie.

The movie follows the events of a failed robbery that was foiled by; brothers Will(Toby Kebbell) and Breez(Ryan Kwanten), and a recently demoted federal agent, Casey(Maggie Grace). The movie starts with a middle aged guy riding in a pick up with his two sons, who are later explained to be the younger versions of the protagonists. While driving through their small town Gulfport in Mississippi, a category 5 hurricane(Andrew) erupted and led to the death of their dad.

The death of their dad coupled with the pre-existing friction between the brothers shaped their lives and relationship. The younger of the two, Will, affected by the traumatic events of their childhood chose the path of Meteorology. He was pretty darn good at it too, considering he could afford that indestructive Tesla truck and a Ph.D. he gladly shoves in your face.

Will’s elder brother towed the same line as their dad and became a pretty good Mechanic after doing some time in Afghanistan with the marines. He played an integral John Wayne-esque role in foiling the robbery attempt that was spare headed by the main antagonist, Perkins(Ralph Ineson), who also happens to be Casey’s partner.


So Three trucks filled with $600m worth of obsolete dollar bills scheduled to be shredded drive into a federal facility. Perkin had big plans for retirement and planned a quality heist. The only thing standing in his way is a federal agent eager to show her mettle, a mechanic, a meteorologist, and his Tesla Truck, which in reality was the star of the movie.

I’m not averse to a good old fashioned gun battle and some absurd stunts, but this movie sadly underwhelmed in that aspect. The CGI was amateurish, stunts were just meh, barely had fight scenes and even if you’re watching the movie for the first time, you’d have easily predicted the whole movie. Well everything except that Tesla truck, it’s a beauty.

Perhaps I’m being too scathing considering the $35M budget but It’s not a movie I’d encourage you to watch, especially if you want to have fun; you’re better off just watching John Wick or The accountant. However, if you insist out of curiosity, lower your expectations and look out for that skull in the Hurricane. I don’t know who’s idea that was but it was horrible

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