hCaptche creates competition for reCaptcha: Review

By belemo | belemo | 12 Aug 2019

Well good day to you beautiful people of Internet land, I hope you're having a great day. Today's a great day because I get to talk about a new way to leverage blockchain technology, earn and preach the gospel of decentralization. If you have been around the internet for the past decade or so, you will have encountered reCaptcha somewhere. Those "annoying" things that often have you answering "silly" puzzles, solving simple maths equations or picking pictures of cars, traffic lights, front of shops or something similar are very important for the functioning of sites. You see, those Captcha thingies play a pivotal role in preventing bots and other automated weirdos from entering your site and cheating the good people of internet land. How does it work? well, it is all in the name, "CAPTCHA" stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, they are also knows as Human interaction Proof, yes it is safe to say they are HIP. CAPTCHA is often a really simple test to humans but represents something complex to computers. so on Stateofthedapps  I encountered a decentralized way to protect your sites and earn as well, it is called hCAPTCHA and here is what you should know about it.


hCaptchais a product developed by [IMI](http://www.intuitionmachines.com/), a company that focuses on AI/ML company with a focus on metalearning and visual domain machine learning at scale. The program was originally designed to address a personal problem of the company but after its success internally, it was released for public consumption.

 How It Works

The first thing to do is to visit the homepage, hcapthca and look around. It is important to get abreast with the platform before using it.


- Scroll down a wee bit or click on "get hcaptcha" and you will be automatically taken to the form above.


- Complete the captcha above to prove you're not a bot

- Complete the form above and once again prove you're not a bot to get started. Your account will be created instantly and a verification link will be sent to your email.

- Go to your email and click on Verify email. You will instantly be redirected to a page to create your own password.

You're all set to use to hCaptcha. Here are a few things to note about hCaptcha
my dashboard

- hCaptcha is a widget that you can include to keep out pesky bots out
- Installing hCaptcha is fast and easy, but does involve adding some simple HTML and server side code.
- If you're already using Google's reCAPTCHA, you can use your existing code with a few slight changes.

#### Earning
There are basically two ways to earn from hCaptcha platform; through Referals and through the actual implementation of the widget on your platform.

- You can earn Human Tokens by referring people to the platform. Here is my referral link incase you consider linking up.

- The other way to earn is through implementing the widget on your platform. Website and application owners are paid human tokens any time a guest or user completes hCaptcha

#### Human Token
The human token is the currency of transaction within hCaptcha ecosystem. It is not tradable at the moment but according to this section of the website and are utility tokens hosted on the ethereum blockahian that allow the use of bootstrap data-labelling quickly and more efficiently.

#### Impression
It is virtually the same thing with reCaptcha, so people using that facility will have no issue making the transition. The incentive of paying Human Token for activity is only subtle because the token itself doesn't have exchange value at the moment but has future prospects. At the time of writing, there is no particular reason why someone using reCaptcha should switch to hCaptcha but that will all change when it is available on exchanges.

Using hCaptcha requires some knowledge of programming but the best part is that all the techy stuff is simplified and the widget can easily be used.It is decentralized and has the potential to create earnings for users, so I recommend it for use on all your platforms.


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