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Peacock Spiders

By EsmaSid | Snippets & Bits Of Life | 10 Feb 2021

I've seen beautiful peacocks around but i literally got amazed when for the first time i saw and heard Ausralian peacock spider. It has a beautiful male whose abdomen is colourful in the form of broad straps of each colour especially red to orange and shimmery blue thats due to presence of scales on their abdomen that refract and reflect colours. And female has symmetrical pattern present in the form of leaf shape and it has brown to grey colour. Its an invertebrate found mostly in Southern Australia. 


 These spiders usually jump and have the special abililty to visualize ultraviolet radiation emissions as well as fully differentiated white light spectrum that helps them to prey. These spiders have diurnal activity clock that lets them hunt and prey as well as to be in courtship with their mates.


 These spiders are keen to navigate through different habitats as well as to find new prey. They can jump high round about 40-50 times more than their own height. They do not build cobwebs, they mostly rely on living freely. When they prey, they jump forming parabolas landing on their prey to bite them. They eat small insects as well as other types of spiders which they find easy to catch.

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