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By Earn With Hatty | Beginning Crypto | 23 Oct 2023


Back in July, I wrote an article about a platform called Tangled. Tangled is a social platform that allows you to earn MLX. Tangled is one of the strongest social platforms I have come across. Not only is the community strong and helpful but the platform is easy to use and rewarding. I am not here to talk about the social aspect of Tangled though.

I am going to focus on the Tangled Browser and how it works as a node for the platform, its security, privacy, and everything in between. I am also going to discuss a section I did not go over in my last article called Tangled Applications.

Tangled and other platforms such as Torum (XTM), Uhive (HVE2), ZEBEDEE (BTC), Desofy (DeSo), and many more are changing the way we look at social media. These platforms are showing us that our time and attention are worth something. No longer will these big companies steal our precious time, data, and attention. Tangled is allowing us to take back what is ours. Our time and attention are worth more than a couple of likes and shares. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are changing the way we value our digital lives. All of the platforms I mentioned above are definitely worth checking out but Tangled has always stood out to me. Tangled is a true powerhouse when it comes to earning and interacting.

I have always wanted to contribute to platforms I believe in, but mining requires good equipment, staking takes money, and running a node takes know-how and a little (or a lot) of money/Crypto. So the more I looked into ways to contribute to the projects I love the more I realized it is going to take some saving and studying to ever be able to get anywhere. Until I stumbled across a platform I thought was pretty mind-blowing.

I have written about Tangled before and explained what it is and why I think it is going to be around for the long run, but I did not spend too much time talking about the browser. Tangled has a browser that pays you to use it. It is kind of like Brave browser in the way of earning from ads. There is a big difference though when it comes to earning with the Tangled browser. Not only do you earn from ads but your browser is a node that helps the Tangled ecosystem. We will go over exactly how the Tangled browser works as a node, security, and why I think Tangled is going to be one of the next major social Blockchain projects.

What is Tangled Browser?


Tangled browser goes beyond being a simple browser. It serves as a powerful tool to safeguard the Millix network while providing a passive income opportunity. In addition to its normal browsing capabilities, this browser acts as a node, playing a vital role in securing transactions and ensuring the seamless operation of the entire project. The best part is that by running this node, you have the opportunity to earn transaction fees as a form of compensation for your contribution to securing the network. Traditionally, running a node and earning from it required specialized technical knowledge, a substantial amount of cryptocurrency, or a deep understanding of the process. However, with Tangled, these barriers are removed, as anyone can easily run a node and start earning.

In the upcoming section, I will talk about the functionality of the Tangled browser and explore the various ways in which you can earn using it. While there are a few other browsers that offer crypto-related earning opportunities, none of them can rival Tangled. Tangled revolutionizes the Crypto world by introducing a browser experience like no other. It not only allows you to earn from ads but also provides earning possibilities through social interactions, running a node (browser), playing games, and much more. We will discuss all of these exciting features later in this article.

Tangled Browser Security and Privacy


During my conversations with the creators of Tangled, namely Danny, Eriksson, and Price, we discussed the crucial aspects of Security and Privacy. In this context, I will now present a selection of the questions we went over, along with additional noteworthy information that I believe holds significance.

Hatty: How is the browser kept secure? Does it use googles same security?
Eriksson: It uses the same code base as Google Chrome. Tangled is a browser based on Chromium so it has almost the same security level as Chrome, and we try to keep the code base as updated as possible to receive security patches that are added to Chromium.
Hatty: How do you know your computer is secure as it is being used as a node for the network?
Eriksson: The node and the browser run in different processes so the browser security is enhanced from the Chromium codebase and the node process security is guaranteed by the team writing the Millix node codebase. Both Chromium and Millix node code are open source and can be inspected or audited by anyone.

The Tangled browser uses Chromium. If you are not sure what Chromium is, Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project, mainly developed and maintained by Google. This code base provides the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser, which is proprietary software and has some additional features.— Source

The tangled browser is based on the open source version of google chrome called chromium. the tangled browser is similar to google chrome with one exception: no personal data or browsing history is shared or stored on the network. the tangled browser does not collect or compile data about its users. users do not have to register an account with tangled.com or any other centralized service or corporation.
the only identifying data shared from the tangled browser is the ip address for networking, and a millix address for receiving payments. — Tangled

I believe that privacy plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process when selecting a browser. What sets Tangled apart for me is its commitment to not storing any personal information or search history on its servers. The added benefit of not requiring an account signup enhances the user experience. It’s worth noting that if you’re using Tangled for Millix transactions outside of the Tangled ecosystem, a KYC process is necessary to facilitate the exchange into WMLX or Bitcoin.

Chromium is a trusted and free open-source internet browser tool developed by Google. It provides a reliable source code that allows anyone to create their own browser.

Numerous browsers, including Google Chrome, Brave browser, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Torch, and many others, utilize Chromium as their foundation. This widespread adoption demonstrates the trust and security associated with Chromium, making it one of the most secure open-source browsers available.

Tangled Browser and Millix (MLX)


The Tangled browser uses Millix as its native token. Millix is fast, secure, and one of the most undervalued projects I have come across so far. Transactions take seconds and the fees are pretty much nothing. If you want to learn more about Millix check out the official MLX website or check out their techpaper and whitepaper.


Let me give you a brief rundown of each earning method Tangled offers. When it comes to earning with Tangled, the possibilities just keep growing!

Earn From running the Browser/Node


In my view, running a node and earning from it while contributing to network security has never been simpler. Tangled has streamlined the process, making it accessible for anyone with a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Ubuntu computer to join the network and enjoy the benefits of safeguarding transactions and data. Click here to check out Tangled and download the Tangled Browser!

The desktop version of the tangled browser operates as a node on the millix network. millix nodes earn transaction fees. — Tangled

Earn from ads

You can also earn through ads with Tangled. At the top of the browser, there’s a white banner area displaying your balance on the far left. To the right of that, you’ll find simple ads that enable you to increase your earnings in addition to running the browser (node). You have the option to opt out of these ads if you want to.


The tangled browser contains an area below the url called the promotion zone. advertisements from the tangled advertising network appear in this area. advertisers send direct payments to tangled browser users when their advertisement is presented to the user. — Tangled

Earn from Social

Tangled Social is a user-friendly social platform designed for you to earn through your time and engagement. It offers a variety of opportunities for everyone, including earning from posting, contests, and more. The community is supportive and takes the time to help you get familiar with the platform. As long as you are there to interact and have fun you will go far when using Tangled. The main thing is to take your time, make your posts count, and be friendly and helpful to the community. I will always do my best to help newcomers so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any help.


Tangled social reinvents social media by creating an economy based on community, content, and social interaction. tangled social users post content that earn from other users, advertisers and investors. — Tangled

Tangled Search

By using the tangled search feature you are freeing yourself from huge corporations controlling your data. Not only does Tangled not store your private information but instead sends a small fragment throughout the Tangled node ecosystem. This allows you to be more private in your search for greatness. Not only that but you get to earn from using this feature. Talk about giving the power back to the people.

Tangled search is a peer-to-peer search engine that decentralizes content crawling and storage, search result rankings, and economics. unlike traditional search engines that store an index of the internet and users’ private search history in corporate data centers for profit, tangled search distributes small fragments of an internet index on the computers running the tangled browser. — Tangled

Earn from Blogging

Blogging and expressing my thoughts on platforms like this one are things I really enjoy. So, when I discovered Tangled had its own blogging platform, I was thrilled. The website is neat and offers a variety of intriguing topics to explore. Tangled’s blogging site, OnTheNode, is the perfect destination for writers looking to earn Millix from their blogs.


OnTheNode also has multiple articles about how Tangled works, transactions, and much more. So if you are trying to learn more about Tangled then OnTheNode is a great place to find some information.

Earn from Playing Games

One of the many things that caught my attention when using Tangled is the ability to play games and earn Millix. There are multiple games on Cobra Helix. These are fairly simple games but are extremely fun. There is a leaderboard and sometimes there are competitions where the first four places earn a decent amount of MLX.


Here is a short list of the games available and how they work. Majority of these games are oldies but goodies.

Asteroids — Asteroids is a classic that dates back to 1979. It is a game where you are a spaceship that has to destroy as many asteroids as possible.

Blaster — Blaster is a fairly easy game. It is a game where you need to shoot different blocks and dodge bullets. Simple but fun and rewarding!

Hextris — You can think of Hextris as a sort of Tetris game. It was first introduced to the world in 1991 and is considered a classic in my book.

Radius — Radius is kind of like Asteroids. You need to fly around and destroy other ships and shapes. Radius is one of my favorites and is my go-to game when I visit Cobra Helix.

Snake — If you were born in the 80’s then you know about this game. Snake is a classic game that was first introduced into the world in 1976! In this game, you use a snake that grows each time you collect a piece in the game. The more you collect the bigger you get. You can not touch any part of your body or the game ends. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Stack — Stack is another old-school type of game. You have to stack blocks as high as you can. The more you miss the stack the harder it is to stack.

As you can see Cobra Helix has a decent amount of games. These games can be used on any computer and allows you to kill some free time while earning a decent amount of Millix from each game. You will not get rich but you will earn for playing.

The past couple of years I have started realizing that if you are playing games, using social media, or pretty much doing anything online and not earning from it then you are wasting your time. Cryptocurrency is changing the way we look at time, money, and our worth. Welcome to the future my friends.

Exchanging Your Millix (MLX)

At the time of writing, Wrapped Millix (WMLX) is worth $0.071307 USD. 1,000,000 MLX is worth 1 WMLX.


You can exchange your earned Millix for Wrapped Millix (WMLX) or Bitcoin (BTC). The process is fairly simple. It might not seem like it at first but once you have done it you will see how easy it is. I am going to make that process a little easier by explaining how it works and what steps you need to take to make the process as easy as possible.


If you decide to exchange you will need to be in the Tangled browser and click your balance in the top left corner. after you have done this you will see a section that says exchange. After you have clicked this you will have four options to choose from. Getting started, send to exchange, send from exchange, and quick buy. They are all pretty self-explanatory so we are going to focus on exchanging. Next, you are going to want to click send to exchange.


As you can see above you will need to have 10,000,000 MLX to cover the bridge fee and an additional 1,000 MLX to cover the network fee. That is a little over $2. I suggest holding off on doing this until you have accumulated a decent amount.

Now remember you can also exchange your Millix for Bitcoin which I went over in my previous article.

Tangled Applications


Tangled comes with its very own set of built-in apps. Let’s take a stroll through the list and I’ll break down what each one is all about. These nifty tools empower you to accomplish a whole lot right within the Tangled platform, no need to navigate away from the website.

Tangled Wheel Spin — Tangled wheel spin allows you to create an automated giveaway. You can run a contest and use the Tangled wheel to automatically pick a random winner (or winners) to receive the amount of your choosing.

Radius — Earlier in this article we talked about Cobra Helix and how it allows you to earn MLX playing games. Radius is one of the top games on Cobra Helix. The Radius app on Tangled allows you to play this game right in the Tangled social website.

Swapland — Swapland allows you to Buy Millix using Debit, Credit, or even PayPal to buy Millix. I have not had the luxury of trying this feature yet but I am sure it is fairly easy to use.

Tangled Image Edit — Tangled Image Edit is an easy-to-use image editor built right into the Tangled website. It costs 20,000 MLX each time you want to edit a photo. This might sound like a lot but it is literally a fraction of a cent. I personally think it is worth the small fee. It is hard to find reliable image editing software. There are a couple of good ones out there such as Pixlr, BeFunky, and Gimp. There are limits on Pixlr and BeFunky but they are still the best free web image editors I have come across. With Gimp there is definitely a learning curve but the good thing about Gimp is it is a free and open source platform. The good thing about the Tangled Image editor is it takes out the hassle of trying to find a good image editor. Now there is one built right into Tangled.

Fiatleak — If you have not heard of Fiatleak then I suggest checking it out. It is a way to see the amount of Crypto being bought and sold in each country. There is a lot more to it but that covers the main idea. You can now check out Fiatleak right from the Tangled platform.

TradingView Charts — This allows you to View the real-time chart for any stock, Cryptocurrency, commodity, or other traded assets available on TradingView.

Crypto Crush — Crypto Crush is an addictive game where you move similar pieces together to clear them from the board. Focus on clearing the two types of pieces shown at the top of the board.

Trade Wrapped Millix — The title of this pretty much sums it up. This app allows you to track the price of Wrapped Millix (WMLX).

OnTheNode — We discussed OnTheNode earlier in this article. It is a Clean and easy-to-use blogging platform that pays you in Millix for sharing your content.

Wavyl Music — Wavyl Music is a free music service where you can find all of your favorite creator's music. You can interact with the songs you like and even send Millix tips. If you are looking for a good artist to follow on Wavyl I suggest checking out Lil Hooligan!

Tangled News — Tangled News is an application that shares top headlines and breaking news from around the world. I am hoping in the future they will create a section in Tangled News dedicated just to Tangled news and updates.

Tangled has an amazing team and they are constantly updating and upgrading the Tangled ecosystem. If you are looking for a new social platform that pays, then Tangled is what you have been looking for. Tangled is still small when it comes to user base but I have a feeling it is going to explode as Cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream.


In the next week or so the Tangled team will be releasing a new page where you can see everything happening on Tangled! I am not sure exactly what this includes but it is going to be pretty awesome to be able to watch the platform evolve and see exactly what is going on.

The Future of Tangled


Tangled offers a user-friendly experience with various ways to earn and showcase your creativity. In today’s gig economy, there’s a rising demand for side hustles, and Crypto has proven to be a valuable source of extra income. I’m confident that Tangled will soon become a significant player in the world of Blockchain.

I see Tangled as a hidden gem. It not only lets you connect with people who share your interests and earn from your interactions, but it also invites you to actively participate in the entire ecosystem by running a node/browser. No other platform offers anything quite like it. As awareness grows about the significance of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, I anticipate Tangled and Millix will play a substantial role. While there are many social blockchain platforms, Tangled stands out uniquely.

Final Thoughts

0*WmxmNgZ86X8ut1Wf.jpeg Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

I’m always on the lookout for cool platforms to share, and when I stumbled upon Tangled, I knew it was unlike anything else I’ve encountered. The Tangled team has poured a ton of effort into this platform, and I see a promising future not just for Tangled but also for Millix. But don’t just take my word for it — click this link and explore for yourself.

Just to be clear, this isn’t financial advice. I’m sharing this information to help folks like me, curious about blockchain technology, discover legit projects. In a sea of websites and apps making big promises but falling short, Tangled is a standout. It goes above and beyond anything else I’ve found.

Approaching Crypto with an open mind is smart. Only invest what you can afford to lose, as Crypto prices can go up and down, and there’s a risk of losing money. That’s why I believe social earning platforms matter. Many platforms use our data as currency — we spend hours on them, but they’re not really free. Big names like Facebook and TikTok collect and sell our data. The future of social media is tied to Crypto.


I have done my best to share all the information I can find on Tangled. If I have gotten any information wrong please leave a comment and let me know. Tangled is undervalued and I want to do my best to spread the word.

Thanks for reading!

Stay classy and stay stacking my friends!

Check out the list below for all of my favorite ways to earn online.

Blogging, gaming, writing, reading, listening, the sky is the limit when earning Crypto. Find the full list on my website!

Faucets and PTC (Point to Click) Website/Apps

FaucetPay — FaucetPay is a microwallet that connects you to multiple earning websites and allows you to deal in microtransactions without having to pay high gas fees. Click here to learn more about this earning opportunity.

Cointiply — Earn BTC, DOGE, ETH, and LTC

GlobalHive — Earn ZEC

CoinPayz — Earn multiple different types of Crypto

FaucetCrypto — Earn over 21 different types of Crypto. Sometimes you have to wait for the withdraw wallets to get filled but it is a

Social Blockchain

Tangled — Tangled is a social network that allows you to earn Millix. You can also earn Millix by downloading and running the Tangled browser. The browser runs as a node for the network and allows your computer to start earning you passive income. — MLX

Torum — XTM

Uhive — (Code:VD4R7R)HVE2

Desofy — (Code: Fynxik) — DeSo

MAIN — MAIN token on BNB blockchain


LoftyAI — Real Estate that runs on the Algorand Blockchain. Buy fractions of Real Estate and earn Daily from your investment.

Atlas Earth — or use 0GNQNB — Earn a passive income from digital land! Earn land either by buying it or watching ads!

Blogging for Crypto!

Medium — You do not earn Crypto from Medium but you can use this amazing blogging platform to get your content out there. After 100 followers you can start earning money. It takes a little time but it is worth the effort.

read. Cash — Earn BCH

PublishOX — Earn AMPL, ETH, and SPT

G’day Fam — Earn XRP

BULB — Earn BULB blogging and interacting

Watch videos and earn

Slice — Earn Crypto or PayPal by watching YouTube or browsing!

Crypto Sense — Watch ads and play games. Withdraw from over 20 different types of Crypto!

Play to Earn

Womplay — Earn EOS, MATIC, pBTC

ZEBEDEE — Earn Bitcoin LN

Listen to Podcasts and earn Bitcoin

Fountain — Earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts.

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