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By HattyHats | Beginning Crypto | 9 May 2021

I am sure the majority of people use Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple's email service, or something along those lines. These are easy to use and can just connect with everything, but what are you giving away for using these email services.

Let us dig deep and see why you might want an End to End encrypted email Like ProtonMail. I will also list all of the bells and whistles that come with ProtonMail that you never knew you needed.

What is ProtonMail and what makes it better than your normal Email service?


Protonmail is an End-to-end encrypted email, based in Switzerland.

One of the main reasons I use this email is because it is the most secure and safe email service out there. They have a free version which I use and have had no problem with thus far. Big sites such as Gmail do not offer this because it would interfere with the way they collect information from you.


This is major for me. I like to keep what I say and do between the people I love and the people I do business with. The government is always trying to get its fingers into your stash. With this email, you are one step closer to being totally secure and away from prying eyes. Even if you are just sending a birthday email, I am sure you want it to be secure. If you are sending info about Crypto or other Investment ventures, I am sure you want it secure. Anything you send or receive should be impenetrable.

As I was talking about before they have a free version, but they also have 3 other versions to choose from. I plan on trying the plus here soon and I will follow up in the comments when I do. The plus has so much to offer and that is only around $5! You can have up to 5 email addresses and 1 custom domain which is amazing and makes it easy to have different emails for different situations. The Pro upgrade also has an Autoresponder which I think would help in a lot of situations.


The pricing seems fair and seems to come with a lot of extras to make it worth it. Anything above Plus I think you have to be running a company or something along those lines.


When you first enter the site you will see the home page as shown above. It is easy to sign up and get things going. They have a smooth layout and a simple way of making decentralized emailing easy for the everyday person.


They have also laid out how it works and how easy it is to use. It is the most secure and easy-to-use email available to the public it seems. They also explain why they make this amazing email service. Once I am earning enough from my blogging and other small ventures then I will start donating to services like this. Right now my donation will be me upgrading to Pro!

I am a strong believer in freedom and the right to be private.


They have been around for a long time and have had time to learn from everyone else's mistakes. They also are not greedy and money hungry, so you know your money is going to a good place and your emails are secured by good hardworking people just like yourself.


This is what it shows when you open your mailbox. I am excited to see what the upgraded version looks like.


If you decide to try the Plus version this is what you will see after you purchase it. I decided to purchase this for one month just for research purposes. If I do not end up using the extra emails and other bells and whistles then I will go back to the free version. The fact that you can pay with Bitcoin is a big plus for me and I bet it will be a big plus to others as well.


This is interesting and just shows me my money has gone to something interesting and good. I am excited to add my domain and create a couple of other emails for Crypto related purposes and for sites I am not too comfortable with.

It all depends on how many new sites you sign up for and how many sites you visit that you really do not want your main email out therewith. I have my main email plus 4 alt emails. Now I can make each email have a purpose so my emails are not so cluttered and not just one email is overwhelmed by junk.

The fact that this email is end-to-end encrypted and my information is not shared with 3rd party companies make it worth the easy switch. I am excited to be a part of decentralizing the world even if it is small moves at a time.

Protonmail is available on...


Security is a big part of our everyday life and big email companies have not left us feeling secure. We have no say in what is shared with whoever they share it with. At least now we can be one step farther away from these companies that have made billions upon billions off of our information. Change is scary but when it is this easy it is a no-brainer.

I hope you all have enjoyed my article. I hope you take the time to do some research about taking the first step to decentralizing yourself and slowly getting your freedom back.

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Beginning Crypto
Beginning Crypto

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